4 Summer Foods That Can Help with Your Period
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4 Summer Foods That Can Help with Your Period

The best fresh summer fruits to eat during your period

4 Summer Foods That Can Help with Your Period

One of the best things about summer besides the weather is the big selection of various fresh fruits. Fresh fruits make for an amazing and healthy snack during a hot summer day, but there are some that can even help you with your period. You can think of them as period super-food.

When a girl is on her period, the food she eats can greatly influence her overall experience of it. There are various foods that are able to relieve the typical symptoms of periods such as bloating, nervousness, or mood swings. But when it's hot out on a summer day, you probably won't be excited to drink anti-inflammatory ginger tea. The good news is that there's a huge selection of fruits that can also help you get rid of some of the common period discomforts.

Not only are they healthy, tasty, and refreshing, but your body will thank you for them. So let's look at four summer foods that you should eat during your period to feel better.

1. Watermelon and papaya

If you start feeling bloated during the days before your period, watermelons can help minimize it. Another good relief is to stimulate estrogen production by adding some raw papaya, which will also aid in breaking down the uterine lining. People even use papayas to induce periods or regulate irregular cycles. Just keep in mind that they can increase your flow, same as pineapples.

2. Bananas

Most people are aware of the fact that bananas are a great source of potassium and vitamin B6. But not everyone knows that those nutrients aren't just good for digestion and bowel movements, but can also boost your mood. A banana a day keeps PMS and mood swings away.

3. Oranges

Oranges are loaded with calcium which can help with lowering the feeling of anxiety. Plus, vitamin D contained in oranges and even the fresh smell of the peel can help improve your mood when you feel drained or beaten.

4. Almonds

From now on, almonds should be your favorite period snack. They are rich in protein and fiber help to regulate your blood sugar and lower your food craving levels. The next time your craving a biscuit, eat some almonds first and top it off with one or two cookies. Not only will you feel more satisfied, but less full and bloated. Another great option is to make your own almond butter and put it on a slice of apple or pear.

There is more to feeling better than just what you eat

There is obviously much more period self-care you can try besides just eating healthy fresh fruits. You can try some gentle exercises like yoga or walking when you're not feeling really well. It will also be helpful if you get more sleep and rest during your menstruation. However, if your menstrual cramps get really severe and intolerable, this could signify dysmenorrhea. That's why is severe cases, it's best to consult with a doctor.

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