Summer means something different to everyone. To me it means many things, including traditions, family, friends. These things are some of the reasons over the years, my summers have always been different. Different camps, different vacations, but some things always stay the same. Those are the things that make every summer memorable.

1. Swimming.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to swim. My cousins and I spend whole days in and on the water. Lakes, pools, beaches, rivers, anything. Water flowing around us, so powerful, yet calm. During the other season, it isn’t warm enough to be in the water, but in the summer we can spend our endless days swimming and having fun on the water.

2. Free time.

During the school year, and other seasons, I am usually too busy to do many of the things that I am interested in doing outside of school. I spend my summers reading, drawing, and focusing on things that I don’t usually have time for. I love summer because I love being able to do things that I don’t have time for during the school year.

3. Family.

My cousins and I are all really busy during the school year, but that all changes over the summer. We spend lazy summer days relaxing, exploring, spending time together. I get to see my family every summer, and even spend a week at the beach with some of them. Summer is my favorite season because it’s when cousins became some of my best friends.

4. Friends.

I have friends that I don’t always get to see during the rest of the year, but I always see them in the summer. In the summer, we can do whatever we want and spend as much time together as we want. I also have made some amazing friendships at sleepaway camps. The friends I’ve made at camp are some of the closest friendships I have and I have summer to thank for that.

5. Being Outside.

During the summer, I can be outside all of the time. Feel the wind in my hair, sun on my skin, ground under my feet. Something about being outside and being around nature recharges me and pushes away the stresses of the school year. During the summer, I spend as much time as I can outside and that’s one reason it is my favorite season.