5 Signs Summer Is Almost Over

I remember when everyone was counting down the days until we had taken all of our finals because that meant that summer break had officially started. Summer has been great but honestly it feels as though the feeling of being excited for summer left just as quickly as it came. It doesn’t feel like summer should be ending. I love the fact that the college summer break is longer than usual, but at the same time the beginning of summer felt odd because most schools were still in session. I had already been on break for a month before my younger brother was officially done with school. Unfortunately, sooner rather than later we will be faced with the reality that school will be starting back up. There’s just a little less than a month left until the start of yet another academic year. Listed below are things that have made me realize that summer is indeed practically over.

1. Everyone wants to make plans because we will all be parting ways in about a month.

All of my friends have been trying to get together to hang out this summer, but it has been very difficult to work around everyone’s schedule. Although everyone is usually busy, the fact that we are actually running out of time before we all head back to college gives us that extra push to actually follow through with their plans.

2. Making sure you have everything needed to start the semester off right.

Recently I have been trying to get everything together for school. This ranges from getting new clothes and shoes, dorm supplies, and even textbooks. Getting emails from professors in the middle of the summer makes jumping back into school things all too real, but hopefully getting prepared now will make going back to begin the fall semester better.

3. Enjoying meals together with my family.

If anyone is anything like me, then that means that food usually takes top priority in your life. If you know me then you know that I am always either hungry or already eating. Regardless, food is always on my mind. Now that I know that I will be headed back to school in a few weeks I have been trying to eat my favorite meals and enjoy the home cooked meals that I have taken advantage of all of my life. Nothing tops eating a good home cooked meal- even your school’s dining hall!

4. Taking advantage of the free time that I have now.

The thought of being in school again makes me realize that I need to take advantage of my free time for the next month. I haven't had much to do all summer and it's been pretty chill. But as soon as the semester starts I know that all of my free time will either be dedicated to doing school work or taking a nap so that I have enough sleep and strength to push through the week.

5. The fact that I will be seeing my family away from home very soon!

As much as I don't want summer to end and the school year to start back up I am excited to be going back to school next month to see all of my friends. It's also exciting to be starting new courses and to see what this year has in store.

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