6 Reasons You Should Take A Summer Class

Ahhhh it's summer. That means no more school, beach trips, and days spent binge-watching Netflix. Although summer is a time to relax and spend time at home, it is important to remember that the summer months are valuable time during your college career. Whether you get an internship, work a summer job for some extra cash, or take summer courses on campus, you can make summer productive and beneficial for your future. Here are 6 reasons why YOU should take a summer class!

1. To lessen your class load

Course requirements for certain majors can be very demanding during the traditional school year. Taking summer courses can lessen your class load during the school year so you can have more time for extracurriculars and spending time with friends during the upcoming semesters.

2. Summer classes are sometimes easier

If you have the opportunity to take a summer class on a subject that is particularly hard- like organic chemistry- I highly recommend you do. Although there are a few exceptions, summer courses are traditionally less difficult compared to courses during the regular semester. If you need a grade boost, you might want to look to see what summer classes are available!

3. You can take a class you actually enjoy

Your schedule during the academic school year can get pretty busy. Summer is a great time to take courses you actually enjoy and may not have time for during the fall and spring semester. Whether it is an art course you are interested in or an English class that catches your attention, summer courses are a great way to learn more about the things that you are passionate about!

4. You can meet new people

Enrolling in a summer course is a great way to meet new people. Your traditional circle of friends may not be on campus, allowing you to expand your relationships and connect with people you may not already know.

5. You can put summer courses on your resume

Who doesn't love having something new to put on their resume? Employers look for people who are motivated, hardworking and determined. Nothing says hardworking like taking a summer to expand your knowledge and skills.

6. To increase your knowledge 

Increasing your knowledge not only looks good on resumes, but it is also beneficial to learn new things whenever you can. College is the time to learn and to take advantage of all the academic opportunities provided to you. Sacrificing a few hours of Netflix will definitely pay off in the future!

So, have I convinced you yet?

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