90's Babies Owned the Summer

Who doesn't miss when we were kids? Before everyone and every kid had their face shoved in tablets and phones, we had the summer. We had countless things to do, and us 90's babies know it!

I'll say it now; it was the good old days that I miss more than anything in the world. Times were much, much simpler, nothing was out of control in our minds, and we had our futures ahead of us. Kids today are missing out on our glory days because they are too busy sticking to the internet and YouTube. Summer will never be as good as it was; we all know that.

We ran around and hung out with our friends without parents. Our parents dropped us off at our friend's house, and that was the end of it. They never stayed to watch; they went back home and let us do our thing. The freedom we had felt like the world, we felt like we could run the streets. Me and my two best friends Nikki and Kaylah, owned our block in the neighborhood. We never saw our parents until we went home and that was the freedom we loved. Or like my Mom put it, "Come home when the street lights come on!" (You know exactly what I'm talking about).

I hardly see kids on their bikes anymore; I never see groups of kids playing outside. You know why? Cha-Ching! Every kid has a tablet in their hand, and God forbid they set it down for five seconds. I find this so disappointing because I remember seeing kids go up and down my street all the time, I had my little group, and no one has that anymore.

Who remembers running back and forth in the sprinkler? Not many kids had pools or had money to go, and the hose was good enough. We had the imagination that they lack today because they see everything they want. We didn't have YouTube to watch a game stream; we didn't have Fortnite. What did we have? We had everything and nothing at the same time. Us girls played Barbies; we played house, we cooked with mud and leaves in my yard with those plastic kitchen sets. We grew up pretending that we could be anything we wanted and acted it all out.

The music, oh the music was always the best too! Kiss FM was the only radio station that mattered back in the day considering we didn't have iTunes, Pandora or Spotify to make playlists. We listened to the Ja Rule and Ashanti duets, 50 Cent rapping about his birthday, the boyband battle between Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

Just think about it, we didn't have the internet to worry about. Sure we had it but remember that thing called dial-up? No one could be on the phone while on the internet and that was fine. We never checked Facebook, Instagram or took selfies on Snapchat. We actually lived life.

Kids, I feel bad for you now because it's a shame that you don't get to experience these things. I wish you could have had my childhood because I wouldn't change a thing about it. Us 90's babies owned the summer and we lived for it.

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