Summer 2016 Bucket List
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Summer 2016 Bucket List

There's so much to do.

Summer 2016 Bucket List
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Summer is beautiful. The sun is warm on your skin, you feel alive and there is endless opportunity. There is so much to do, so much to see and you should make every moment worthwhile, so I made a summer 2016 bucket list.

1. Dance in the rain

2. Take a beach trip

3. Paddle board

4. Surf

5. Swim with dolphins

6. Go to a carnival

7. Leisure read

8. Go to a drive-in movie

9. Go on scenic hikes

10. Skydive

11. Parasail

12. Meet new people

13. Shop at thrift stores

14. Throw a party

15. Go camping

16. Bike ride

17. Go on late-night walks

18. Meet someone famous

19. Try new restaurants

20. Explore haunted locations

21. Wear cute clothes

22. Go to concerts

23. Sing karaoke

24. Vacation in another country

25. Get in shape

26. Discover new music

27. Watch fireworks

28. Walk around the city

29. Catch fireflies

30. Watch lightning storms

31. Stargaze

32. Get tan

33. Get turnt with friends

34. BBQ

35. Climb trees

36. Watch the sun set/rise

37. Fall in love

38. Drive aimlessly

39. Jam out to your favorite music

40. Have no regrets

41. Make memories that will last forever

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