suicide prevention

It's sad to know that there are some people who are so unsure about their purpose and where they stand in this life that they feel as if they should end it. There are people all around us who silently suffer and feel like they aren't worth it, and they feel like they have no one to talk to, or nowhere to go.

That just breaks my heart.

I feel as if the recent suicides at my school are not getting as much attention as they should, and that is not fair. As I said, life is hard in general, but as a student, it's even more difficult to juggle relationships with schoolwork, and jobs, and still take out the time for self-care/mental wellness. It's so much stress piled onto one person at such a young age that it's overwhelming at times. But no one should have to feel as if suicide is the only way out of things because it's not.

I realize that I may not always know the circumstances, but I do know that for every bad there is a good, and for every good, there is even better. And with God all things are possible.

EVERYONE, not just college-aged students, needs to know that this life that you're living is a gift and you were placed on this Earth for a reason. No matter how small, or how worthless you may feel, I promise that someone, somewhere is counting on you and needs you.

You were made to do something great.

Maybe you're not the one who's going to find the cure to cancer, but you are the light of someone's life. You are the love of someone's life. Maybe even someone's (future) mother/father.

Life is hard and unexpecting. Curveballs are thrown, hearts are broken, and a lot of time things don't go as planned. But regardless of the hard times, we may have to endure life is still a beautiful thing. Life is filled with beautiful moments and beautiful people and beautiful places that we often take for granted. Despite the pain, and the sadness, and the hurt that may fill us from time to time it is important that we overcome these moments of weakness to recognize the happiness, and the love, and the laughter, and all the good things that make for good days.

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