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Suggested Youtube Channels

16 YouTube Channels that you may discover to be your next favorite

Suggested Youtube Channels

As a millennial living in the twenty-first century, it is no surprise that I occasionally spend over an hour a day de-stressing through watching vlogs and videos on YouTube. It is almost calming to me to see into other people's lives and to see that not everyone is perfect. It's also calming to be able to catch a glimpse of what I have to look forward to once I get older and have children. A lot of the channels I watch on YouTube are of families; I find many of the parents to be amazing role models, and I feel that sharing these channels with the world may allow them to find and connect with a family or idea that has been shared in the world of Youtube.

Here are 16 channels that I currently watch (and subscribe to) on Youtube, along with their links if you'd like to check them out:

1. kBaby

Kyra and Oscar have a son named Levi (everyone calls him buggy) and he’s the cutest thing ever. They’re expecting a girl in February and vlog every day of their lives (beginning when they were teen parents).

2. KKandBabyJ

Best friends of Kyra and Oscar, Keren and Khoa document their everyday life with one year old son Jackson and their current pregnancy with their second baby boy named Landon that is due in January. They also recently bought their own house so that’s pretty awesome too.

3. React

This one is self-explanatory and I’m pretty sure everyone has seen at least one video from their channel (Kids React, Teens React). Once you start you can’t stop.

4. MoreAliA

When I knew my Pokemon Go addiction was spiraling out of control and I had to watch other people catch Pokemon.

5. Sam and Nia

A Christian family of five that vlog their everyday life. If you haven’t noticed yet, vlogs are extremely interesting to me, plus the babies in most of them are worth it.

6. Joe Santagato

Joe became popular with his videos going viral on facebook. I looked him up and have been obsessed ever since. If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further .

7. Gabriel Conte

TBH, I started watching after I got vine and found him to be extremely attractive. Now Gabriel is engaged to his fiancée Jess and they do a lot of vlogs about their lives and differences between Americans and Australians.

8. ThreadBanger

I was bored on youtube one day and these videos were recommended to me. Rob and his wife/girlfriend (I honestly don’t even know) make Man vs. Pin or Corinne vs. Pin and test out Pinterest hacks.

9. 5 Seconds of Summer

Shoutout to my best friend Cassie for getting me obsessed with yet another boy band. I’ve seen them twice in concert and have yet to be disappointed. Another Australian link here and the boys are pretty cute (plus my age!!). Definitely look into them if you’re into pop punk music. They have a song on the new ghostbuster’s album.

10. Conor Maynard

He sings covers of popular songs and he’s my age .

11. J House Vlogs

Recommended to me when I was binge-watching other youtube videos. They’re a family of six, going on seven! Baby number five was recently revealed to be a girl; name reveal should be coming soon!

12. KianandJC

Again with the cute boys theme. Kian is my age, and I found them through their first channel O2L, but then they disbanded they created this channel. They do post a lot of comedic games and sketches on their channel but they don’t censor themselves, so just be warned.

13. Matt3756

I'm an arcade nerd. What can I say?

14. PlushTimeWins

More of watching other people play games and winning things. I also like watching because they can show tips and tricks if I ever decide to get my butt over to Dave and Buster’s. Disclaimer: Crystal's voice may be a little high but she and her husband are still fun to watch.

15. SimplyNailogical

She's weird. I'm weird. We're a match made in heaven. Not really, because I like cute boys and such but I also am obsessed with nail polish. (Fun fact: I have over 100 different nail polishes and Essie is my favorite brand).

16. ZomebieJey

Again, shoutout to my best friend Cassie for introducing me into the world of Jeydon Wale. He is a weird Canadian who is not afraid to be himself, and for that, I highly respect and admire him. He posts gaming videos and sometimes collabs with his girlfriend Sam who is extremely entertaining to watch (her commentary is spot on). Oh, and Jeydon has also recently come out as transgender, and we are all supportive of his FTM transition

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