College is a constant battle of balancing schoolwork, jobs, having a social life, and getting to just relax.

When it comes to schoolwork, you are probably pretty lazy. High School was easy, so you never put forth any effort. You just got A's and B's without studying and the workload was a lot lighter. Fast Forward to college, and it is not the same. You can't go without study and expect to get A's and B's.

Here is how you get through college being lazy.

1.Follow the fifty/ten rule.

This is something I learned freshmen year. Study for fifty minutes, then take a ten-minute break. Fifty minutes isn't that long of studying and your break isn't too long that you don't go back and study.

2.Get a part-time job.

A job that is relaxing and doesn't require a lot of labor has actually helped with time management. With a job, you actually take the time you have to study seriously instead of sleeping or watching tv.

3.Learn how to get the grades you want without studying.

Befriend your teachers. They are there to help you. If you are nice to them, they will be nice to you and your grade

4.Study smarter, not harder.

Take small amounts of time to review your material rather than spending a larger amount of time trying to memorize everything.

5.Embrace that it sucks.

It is not always fun to have to study. It makes it better when you get to study something your passionate about, but sometimes you have to get over that and open up a book. It will all be worth it in the end.

College is not always fun. It is easier to be lazy than to actually put time in to do the work. Don't always settle. Follow the tips to become lazy and successful.