The Kind Of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac
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The Kind Of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac

The stars define our study habits.

The Kind Of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Zodiacs are amazing. They tell us a lot about ourselves and other people. Many coin it as a load of crap, while some live off this stuff religiously. Now, I understand not taking zodiacs too seriously. However, there is a lot of math and science behind it—which explains why these traits are so dead on. The best part about zodiacs? We can apply them to multiple areas of our lives, which helps us better understand each other and ourselves.

They can tell you anything about your life, from relationships, friendships, career, and even school! Truth is, your zodiac traits do show in you as a student, and understanding your zodiac may help you become better in school. Listed below is what kind of student you are based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aquarius (January 20-February 18): The one who doesn't show up for class... whether it be physically or mentally.

Aquarius, your life is probably an interesting chain of events. You're a fun, independent, and free-spirited individual. If you’re a more responsible version of Aquarius, you show up for class and do your work; however, one thing almost every Aquarius student has in common is that their mind is in about ten different places at once.

Your 8 AM? There's no telling what you chose to stay up all night doing that resulted in your sleeping in. When you do show up for class—probably late as usual—you really don't want to be there. As a matter of fact, you're probably the student who finds some excuse to leave class early. You were probably hungry or something. If you chose to stay, well, you're daydreaming or thinking about how you’re about to get yourself out of some predicament you’re in with other areas of your life.

However, Aquarius, you are also a bright student who does well with your courses. You may have had to explain to your professors the insane chain of events that had to happen to you of all people to put you in your position, but in turn they actually end up liking you, which is why they never kicked you out of your classes for your excessive absences or why they curved late assignments. You have this charm that comes from your uniqueness. You have your own way of doing things—you know, being a total shit show yet somehow being one of their best students. It's endearing, honestly.

2. Pisces (February 19-March 20): The one who is easily discouraged yet has a lot of potential.

You’re a dreamer. You have high hopes for yourself and for your career. Emotionally driven, you want to pursue a career in something that you love or enjoy doing. The strongest pursuit of Pisces over all other signs is the endless creativity you can produce. You have great ideas, and these ideas make you feel accomplished.

Until you fail or get knocked down somehow. You don’t suffer loss well because of your more pessimistic nature. Sometimes, you get too set on one path based on emotion rather than logic or practicality. While loss to many is a step forward, you tend to dwell a lot. You failed a test? You accuse yourself of being not smart enough. Your project wasn’t the best in the class? You assume that you just suck. Your problem is that you don’t give yourself enough credit.

You have to accept loss for victory. Your mind is your most powerful tool—and Pisces are known for their ability to think deeply about matters. If you were more positive with this, you’d see that you have a lot of potential and a mind like no one else. When you get to put that mind to something you love, the creativity that flows does you wonders.

Pisces, build a little confidence in yourself. And if you are the more confident, positive side of Pisces, then chances are you're a great student who typically makes pretty dang good grades. These people are the creative thinkers we need, and if you just put your strengths out there, you'd be amazed, Pisces.

3. Aries (March 21-April 19): The overachiever

Aries, your fiery element rules you in the classroom. It is in your nature to never settle for less, and you make damn sure everyone knows it. Success fuels your motivation to do more with your studies. It’s likely your grades are higher than most. Have you won any scholarships, honorable titles, or awards during your academic career? If you’re an Aries, it’s a 95 percent chance.

You are the overachiever. When you win, your fire makes you crave more and more. This is an admirable and beneficial trait to have. Aries, your fiery passion and competitive nature produce mostly good results for you. However, sometimes you can get a little too ahead of yourself. The biggest downfall of Aries is becoming too comfortable with positive results to where you become too accustomed to it. Therefore, Aries, there’s probably been times you thought you were good enough to not study for that one test and ended up bombing it.

The key to success for you, Aries, is a little humility to lessen your fire. You are driven and strong, but there is such a thing as overdoing the fire to where you get burned. With this piece of advice, it’ll do you wonders.

4. Taurus (April 20-May 20): The responsible one who can also have a great time.

Taurus, you’re the responsible one. You go to class and show punctuality most of the time. You do your work, turn it in, and do between average and great on grades. You don’t mind studying to do well on a test or taking a night in to prepare yourself. If you need sleep or “you” time, you’ll make sure to get it. The ability for you to say “no” to others and put yourself first is a big reason why you don’t give into typical peer pressure.

You don’t go out every single night. You actually pick sleep or Netflix most of the time. However, these traits fool no one. Everyone knows that when Taurus are rested up and have nothing on their plate to worry about, they are one hell of a person to be around. Taurus, you definitely have those nights where you just can’t get up for class or turn in your work. You’re a likable person, and everyone admires how responsible you are yet can have a great time.

If any zodiac is balanced in their studies between fun and schoolwork, it’s Taurus. It’s common to see these people take up leadership roles or extracurricular activities to keep them focused on priorities rather than temptation. So in other words, Taurus exemplifies an excellent student who has a wild side they pick and choose when to show.

5. Gemini (May 21-June 20): The one who just doesn't give a s***... unless they really want to.

Gemini, there's something about your "I don't give a ****" attitude that is quite inspiring. You don't pay attention to the tedious, unnecessary crap. Half of your course load are classes you couldn't care less about. You hate wasting your time doing anything you don’t want to do. You typically result to asking someone else for the answers, or if you really don’t want to do it, you just pay someone or something.

This careless, unmotivated appearance is only one side. Gemini, you are also a great student—only if it’s something you actually enjoy learning about. Classes pertaining to your interests are the ones you find yourself reading into and trying in. Geminis are definitely the intellectual students people mistake for the less academically inclined student. In reality, Geminis are smarter than most signs, and they can easily fool anyone with how talented and smart they can really be. They tend to be in touch with themselves—which is why people misinterpret them as selfish or careless. Don’t dismiss this inner touch because it is what helps Geminis balance their complex nature and bring them great success in life.

6. Cancer (June 21-July 22): The one who just sits back and observes.

Cancer, you're an average student. You typically don't have excessive absences, and you turn your work in on time. When you go to class, you aren't the first one to raise your hand to participate in class discussion. You're big on speculating. Instead of getting into the class discussion, you sit back and listen to the responses of your classmates.

When the teacher decides to call on you, you are mostly able to answer without a problem. If not, you make a comment of some sort that lets the teacher easily dismiss the fact you weren't listening. If there's any heated debate, Cancer is the one who butts in with the whole "can't we just get along?" spiel.

Now, this doesn't mean that you don't know anything about the discussion; you just choose to keep to yourself. Well, that's until someone says something really dumb. Then, you can't help but turn to your neighbor and whisper a joke about what was just said. You may be introverted by nature; however, Cancers have a great sense of humor. You're also kind, so the joke was probably lighthearted.

Cancers are commonly seen as the nice, quiet kid, or sometimes even the class comic. To say the least, this sign is a joy to have in class, even if they aren't always the center of attention.

7. Leo (July 23-August 22): The one who always "wings it"

Leo is interesting and amusing. Leos have a zest for life and live for the thrill. Considered the most “masculine” sign, Leo’s fire rules everything—including your spontaneous approach to life. Leo is the party sign who takes any social opportunity possible. Leos are sociable people who make a lot of connections—which in turn is pretty fascinating. Leos also have this positive magnetism that attracts others. No matter what a Leo is doing, people can’t help but like them.

If you’re a Leo, you probably just met someone at a party who actually did the homework you forgot to do—and guess what, they give you the answers because they like you! Leos have this distinct charm about them that allows them to glide through everything effortlessly. Laziness leads to them just “winging it”—which actually becomes a lifestyle if you’re Leo. Leo is never sure if they’re going to have to dedicate time to sit down and do it themselves or if another person—once again—comes in clutch with the answers.

Don’t let laziness fool you about Leo. Leos are strong, determined, and hardworking. While you may love people doing the tedious work like homework, your highly held image isn’t going to let you be viewed as reliant on anyone else. In addition, Leos are highly intelligent people who have the ability to accurately pick and choose when to be responsible. Sometimes, Leos may impress you and do the homework you even forgot to do—and there’s a likely chance they got a better grade on it than you. Leo is also one of the most intellectual signs who is a master at bullshitting. Be careful about underestimating this sign, because a Leo will roar when one doubts them. They wing it because they can, not because they have to.

8. Virgo (August 23-September 22): The one who seems like they don't have it together, but they actually do.

Virgo, you’re different than your fellow Earth signs. You have a more easygoing, free-spirited approach to life. You’re a lot of fun, to say the least. People like you, and a lot of the time you like them. That is why you’re involved on campus; meanwhile, Virgos are commonly campus leaders or figures.

Unlike most Earth signs, Virgos are emotionally driven, yet they are grounded at the same time. I’m sure you love having a social life. People know you for your fun side. On top of that, Virgos definitely have their own distinct weirdness to them—in a good way, of course! This makes them have their own way of accomplishing things, and in turn people just don't understand it. Often, they misjudge Virgo.

On the other hand, you also love consistency and routine. While you may have gotten a little too rowdy the other night, you won’t let your grades fall. While you may have this easygoing personality, you still love control. This is seen in your study habits as you take the time to study or work on assignments. It may be hard for others to believe, but your grades actually kick ass. Honors student, I’m guessing? You’re a lot like Aries in a sense that one achievement makes you hungry for more—which is an awesome quality of a student.

I’m sure you’re the student that branched out to multiple things starting off college, but now you’re investing in a few things that you care for, right? Which is why once Virgos find a major or something they care about, they stick with it and give it their all. Don’t underestimate a Virgo; they may just be your boss one day.

9. Libra (September 23-October 22): The procrastinator

Let’s be real, all zodiacs can have tendencies to procrastinate. However, no one tops those born under Libra. Libra, you’re the one who can make a list of “100 things I could be doing besides schoolwork right now." You hate school. You would rather be doing anything than schoolwork or being in class. This is partially your laziness, but it also comes from the fact that you think most of your classes are completely pointless.

You like to work and do things meaningful to you—not anyone else. You are the one to prioritize your sleep over going to class. However, you tend to do things that make you at least feel productive in return. If you have to choose between cleaning your messy house or homework, you choose cleaning. Walking your neighbor’s dog? You insist. Catching up on sleep because you were working so hard on the dishes or you put up with so many annoying people on campus that day? You deserve it, totally.

But then you wake up from your nap and realize your assignments are all due in six hours. Libras are creative individuals—therefore making bullshitting come pretty naturally to them! Somehow, after not knowing what the hell you just turned in, you get a pretty decent grade for the most part. Don’t worry, the Libra gets used to it and makes this a regular thing.

10. Scorpio (October 23-November 21): The teacher's pet

Scorpio, you can’t help it. Don’t take it offensively when I say that you’re the teacher’s pet; it’s a pretty good thing.

This is because you’re charming, competitive, and driven. Unlike the other water signs, you have better control of your emotions. As a matter of fact, you’re a lot like Leo in a sense that you direct your emotional energy towards your success—the difference between you and Leo is that you’re a little more secretive about it. Maybe too secretive.

You’re the student who comes in like, “Oh, wow, I’m sooo about to fail this.” Then, you’re the person who makes the highest grade in the class. You like to surprise people with your academic ability. Your charm has this manipulation about it that draws the teacher’s favoritism towards you. You’re humbled, bright, and self-motivated. What more could a teacher ask of a student? In addition, this puts you as a campus leader, figure, or favorite.

The downside to this is that people totally think you’re a kiss ass. You may be, but I think it’s just that Scorpio charm. You have a gentle nature—after all, you are a water sign. When you want something, you know how to get it without being overbearing. Scorpios are passionate people, and they will surprise you with their success. Underestimation gives you a kick, and then you work harder.

On the other hand, Scorpio, you need to pick and choose your battles wisely. You tend to get a little carried away at times. A fighter for what you love in nature, you will do anything to remain where you are or what you’ve worked for. The key for you, Scorpio, is to learn when to take an L and pick battles that matter.

11. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): The most organized s*** show you will ever meet

Sagittarius, you resemble your fellow fire signs Leo and Aries in a way. The difference with you, however, is that you appear together on the surface but are a complete shit show underneath. Sagittarians are dignified and hold high integrity. This sign is highly intellectual and gets a kick out of exploring different areas of life and knowledge. When studying a specific area, Sagittarius, you show a lot of interest and effort.

This is why this sign doesn’t typically result to cheating—well, unless absolutely necessary. This sign typically tries to make things happen for themselves before resulting to any help from anyone or anything else. They’d rather pull an all-nighter just to say they got that A from studying rather than making a cheat card. Or if you’re Sagittarius, you probably gave up and made a cheat card—but then ended up learning the material and didn't even need the cheat sheet. You're a fast learner and smart as hell. Okay, we get it.

The Sagittarian intellect is quite impressive. However, it is also important to remember that this sign lives life to the fullest. Fire doesn’t just rule this sign’s intellect; it also rules their fun side. Sagittarius doesn’t miss out on a fun time and will jeopardize a full night’s rest for a hangover. It’s okay, however, because at least Sagittarius doesn’t miss class too often. After all, they have to show that a Sagittarius wasn’t raised by no bitch, and they can handle a little hangover and even class.

12. Capricorn (December 22-January 19): The one who seems to have it together, and mostly does.

Ah, Capricorn. Why so serious?

You’re likely a great student, for the most part. You go to class unless you absolutely cannot. You are so practical and strategic in your every move. You think ahead, such as, “I feel like there’s going to be a huge party in a few weeks, I’d rather save that absence for when I can't make it to class.” This also shows in your study habits, such as, “I’m gonna study for this test since it’s easy, that way I can bomb the really hard one.”

This is what maneuvers you throughout your college career, and this part of your nature is extremely beneficial… and even admirable. You’re the master of picking and choosing battles wisely. However, Capricorn, you have another side of you that you’re too stubborn to admit.

Aside from the seriousness, you have this fun, wild side you have too much pride to admit to. Sometimes you can be pretentious of others’ bad decisions, yet here you are doing the same thing at times. Capricorn, while your desire to strive for higher is a great thing, loosen up a little bit. You’re only young once; you have plenty of time to mess up. And when you do, your nature just so happens to allow you to come back from your failure quite easily. After all, failure is an essential component to success. Don’t be scared to fall every now and then, Capricorn.

So, there you have it. Maybe now that you understand what kind of student you are, you can improve your study habits according to what best fits you.

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