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In a previous article, I talked about being chronically busy and how it's not always a bad thing. However, I've recently discovered what does suck: having well meaning friends that still end up not understanding. So, in honor of the hundreds of friends across the nation friends with Helium Handers, here's some tips and tricks!

1. Include Them!

Even if you think they're off doing something, it's still nice to extend an invite. Nothing feels worse than getting home from a long day of work only to find out that your friends scheduled a movie night without you because "we thought you'd be too busy to come!" I know it's inevitable that I flake, but the invitation is what really counts.

2. Help Out!

Being busy is often not what you have going on, but how much you have going on. I can be totally fine in terms of in-class time commitment -- it's usually the out of class/work stuff that get's me! So, if you happen to be popping in, ask what you can do to help. To you, it may seem like useless, frivolous stuff. To them, it's an extra 30 minutes that they have to themselves.

3. Check In!

Busy people are prone to forgetting to take care of themselves. Make sure your busy friend is eating enough and drinking enough (sleep can be negotiable, but they should still shoot for about six hours a night). This isn't to say you chastise or babysit them; that's so annoying. Instead, keep an eye out and see if they need a helping hand!

4. Help Them Focus!

My number one pet peeve is when people stop me for conversation, pause at a point to say "I know you're so busy lol", then keep going. If you know I'm busy, don't waste my time! My nose is probably buried in a book for a reason.

5. Remember: It's Their Life!

No matter what you think about what they're doing, it's not your job to dictate what they do. Often times, people are busy for personal reasons and are genuinely sick of you telling them to "just drop something". We know you wouldn't want to do it; that's why you're not. So step aside and let us do what we need to do!

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