Harry Styles's And Other Artists' Sexualities Are Not Up For Your Discussion

Harry Styles's And Other Artists' Sexualities Are Not Up For Your Discussion

Harry doesn't want to label himself, so stop trying to do it for him!

Ally Delmonte

Gosh, if I had a dollar for every time I've ever heard anyone ask if Harry Styles is gay, or bisexual, or anything for that matter, I would have enough money to pay for every single concert on his tour.

Does it matter? No. Do people still speculate and ask? Daily.

Why? Honestly, I have no freaking clue.

It's because everyone has to have every answer. Every detail. Every private, intimate knowledge of his life beyond the stage.

But, guess what? That's his life. His privacy!

He has repeatedly explained how he doesn't feel the need to "label" himself, so why are you trying to? I don't see any valid reason as to why you need to know what sexuality Harry Styles identifies himself by.

I surely don't!

Harry Styles has been a constant source of positivity, love, kindness, and respect for millions of people across the world – no matter their age, gender, sexuality, race, or religion. He is a light source for so many, and his presence in this world has changed the lives of millions – if not saved them.

He has been making LGBTQ+ Pride a part of his shows (and One Direction's shows, for that matter) for years, and it has changed the attitude and lives of so many. He has influenced many young people to "come out", or to finally reveal to their friends and loved ones their true selves – a lot of which had been hiding for a while.

He has a pride flag on his stage every single show, without fail. With the flags he has taken, most of which are from a fan in the audience, he waves them around, props them on his mic stand, and drapes the flag over his shoulders. He talks about how you can "be whoever you want to be in this room", and "if you want to dance, then dance, if you want to sing, then sing!". He truly makes everyone in the arena feel as though we're his best friend, and we are welcome with open arms. We are comfortable. We are safe.

We are home.

With each show, there is a new fan project, but without fail, every show has a surrounding number of fans with Pride Flags and banners to be held up together. We all hold each other close as we sing, we cry, we laugh, we smile, but we are all together.

We don't have to hide who we are. We don't have to be ashamed to be ourselves.

When I tell you, I could have popped an eardrum with my scream at the Harry Styles concert, I'm not lying. I have never been readier to see my bubs with a Pride Flag. While I'm an ally, I have many friends that are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and it makes me so happy to see them so comfortable in their own identity and personality and character when we are at Harry's show. It's what they deserve. It's what everyone deserves.

One of my friends, Ausley Gooding, has been traveling alongside her best friends to see Harry since the beginning of his United States leg of the tour. She (of course) has taken part in the fan projects and has posted her pictures to Twitter of her with her Pride Flags every day. Not only do I look forward to seeing them, but I know so many others do, too.

She took the time to talk to me earlier and tell me how being at Harry's shows make her feel, especially being and taking part in the Pride projects every night. She said, "His shows are not only a place to have fun and sing your heart out, but it's a place for every single person to feel accepted. I feel free to be my absolute true self and do not care what anybody thinks of me during every second of his shows. I feel like I never have to hide my sexuality at his shows and for me, that means the absolute world."

So many of Harry's fans feel this way. Accepted and Loved.

Within the last leg of the American shows, Harry has taken two fans on stage in Pride outfits as his "backup dancers" for "What Makes You Beautiful". He has been called as cupid for a girl who asked him to find her a girlfriend! He even held up a "Make America Gay Again" flag.

With this thought in mind, I posted on my twitter asking for people to share their experiences with Harry and how he makes them feel. Here are a few I thought were important:

@teasdalenstyles: Harry's concerts are on a whole other dimension. As soon as he walks on stage it feels like home. He makes you feel so safe and comfortable. No matter what sexuality, race or gender you are. His concerts are EVERYTHING.

@hdunkerques: The second you walk into that arena, your concert, you know that no matter who you are, Harry loves us all unconditionally. For such an incredible person, shouldn't we grant him that same kindness? Shouldn't we love him no matter who he is?

@marie_maes_: He makes us feel so comfortable because he always says that no matter if you're black or white, gay or straight, boy or girls he loves all of us and support us! He also doesn't treat a person bad just because he/she is different!

One of my favorite stories, was one privately shared with me right after the tweet was posted. They asked me not to include their twitter handle, so I won't, but their story was so special and I think it needs to be publicly shared. (I did have their permission to post it!)

"With the speeches he always makes it kinda gave me the feeling of safety bc his words influenced the crowd's behavior so they become a lot of accepting/tolerant (bc let's face it there are still some homophobes in the crowd, but they tone it down during his concerts bc of what he stands for and repeatedly says). So yeah, it was because of that, that I came out to some of my friends during our show (after being closeted for 21 years lmao). I actually wanted to be extra about it and bring a pride flag and all, but it was sold out everywhere (not many sellers in such a Catholic country tbh, like maybe 3 or 4 sellers at most). So instead of giving up my gay ass spent 2 whole days hand sewing a crafty looking 5-foot flag hahaha."

He is a man that deserves the world.

With that, Harry also deserves the love and respect he gives us. He says to "treat people with kindness" and I see so many people wearing that shirt and preaching that motto, yet, half of those people don't even have the courtesy to live by such a mantra.

It isn't hard. It isn't at all.

Harry makes us feel safe. He makes us feel comfortable and happy being who we truly are.

Why can't we make him feel the same way?

He doesn't want to define his sexuality, and that is his choice. It isn't up to you! Stop asking, stop trying to make it your business. It is his private life and decision whether or not to share.

Harry Styles is a gentle, warm, inviting, comforting, loving, respectful human being, who deserves to be cared for with as much love and kindness as he gives us. He makes us feel like we're home.

He deserves to feel the same way.

Favorite Fan Pictures!

@Ausley_StylesAusley Gooding

From Left to Right: @Ausley_Styles, @kat_b0901, @kelly_aloiaAusley Gooding

From Left To Right: @Ausley_Styles, @kelly_aloiaAusley Gooding

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