Please, Just Read Your Books Early
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Please, Just Read Your Books Early

I know it sounds horrible, but hear me out.


Reading your books early can save up so much time and suffering later on. Reading it a day or two behind is even better. You process the information faster when your teacher tries to teach it to you. Now, if it is math, maybe definitely try and not read your books early. If it is reading or something from a science book, hell yeah, go for it. Even if you do not understand jack about anything your eyes just roved over, it is the fact that your brain processed a questionable amount that would help in the long run. When your teacher goes over it the next day, Bam! You already read that chapter, so now you can ask questions on what you were confused on and you are now in good cahoots with your teacher because they are amazed and impressed you already read the material

I won't lie. I maybe, sort of had forgotten to read my book for history class. It was 200+ pages of text and usually that sounds easy. As a junior in college, the idea of having to read that many pages almost seems like a quick twirl through a park, but what I had not realized when I opened the book was the true curse of humanity: small font on small pages. Immediately, only two days before I had an 800-word essay due, I had to scavenge all the evidence I needed that would hopefully playoff that I had some semblance of a clue of having read what I needed to. I couldn't even complain, I had a month. The biggest enemy, I realized, was myself. I brought my own downfall, thought too highly of myself and my abilities. I may as well have been a Marvel character (Rest in Peace, Stan Lee). In the end, I only read half the amount of pages I should have read in two days with the addition of an 8 AM class somewhere along the way.

So from one college student to another: Please love yourself. Read what you need to a little early. I am not talking a week early, I mean, try and read it a day or two early. Something that would shoot you off so you would not need to worry about it later. If not, then, good luck all the same! College is hard in moments, and sometimes that moment lasts the whole semester, maybe the whole year. You've got this though! Take a pause when you are done reading all this and let out the largest "UGH" ever to release all that stress.

I believe in you!

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