With finals and everything else that goes on during this stressful time of year, I thought that writing this article instead of studying was the most necessary thing to do. If you are one of these people, congratulations. You're not alone. We're all drowning together so let's just embrace it.

1. The Procrastinators

These poor people really cannot get what they want to do. It is so hard for them to focus on their school work for they might have A.D.D but that is none of my business. Everything they attempt to do to get themselves to diligently work just isn't cutting it. They are usually doing everything else BUT studying/getting work done. God Bless these people.

2. The Ones Who Lay Out All of Their Things In Front Of Them As They Scroll On Their Phone

I see these types of studiers the most in public and it is so funny to me. On Twitter, this has been floating around and I love seeing it because it is so true. People will literally organize their belongings right in front of them, open their textbooks, planners, etc. and will literally scroll on their phone for hours! It is so hilarious to me that this is so common everywhere I go in my college town, I love people haha.

3. The Ones Who Take Their Best Friend With Them To The Library

The studiers who can't be alone never get anything done either. If you do, then hats off to you and your bestie but most pairs of friends I see in public studying together are always talking. Although, right now you shouldn't be alone at the library in the late hours of the night because of all of the sex trafficking that is apparently going on right now. This is perfectly fine, no hate whatsoever to those who (try to) study with their best friend!

4. The Campers

Ah, the campers. The ones who usually bring snacks, blankets, and everything else they need to get their work done. One time at the library I overheard this girl on the phone with her mom saying she is going to pull an all-nighter at the library to finish her essay that was due the very next morning! I was simply shook and respect people who are that dedicated. Don't get me wrong, I am FULLY dedicated, but I like to space out my work, so I don't end up having to do this. I NEED a full nights rest so you will never catch me out of my house after midnight.

5.  The Ones Who Actually Get Stuff Done

Hats off to these students because these are the ones who can zone themselves into what they're doing with no distractions. I have a friend who can grind on the homework like no ones watching and she will forget where she is when she ate last, and what time of day it is because of how hard she works at getting her assignments done. I wish I had this characteristic, but sadly, I too struggle at staying focused for long periods of time.

After reading, I hope you college kids or anyone else who is currently going to any type of school can relate to any of these types of "studiers." I personally identify closest to the campers. Whenever I go to a coffee shop or the library, I plan on staying there all day until I get everything I need to done. I do this in order to motivate myself to finish my homework so I can go home and watch YouTube videos snuggled up in my warm bed. It actually works, so if you need any tips on how to motivate yourself academically, hit me up! Have a blessed week Odyssey readers, you guys rock!