Every class is different. There are boring classes, slow classes, interesting classes, quiet classes. Then there are the classes that you can't miss and classes you've never been to. I could go on for days about this and the same is true for types of students.

1. "Straggler Sam"


Sam shows up twenty-five minutes late to your fifty-minute class disrupting the middle of the lecture. He also fails to bring a writing utensil, so he asks to borrow one. Then, he realizes he doesn't have paper, so he gets a piece from the girl behind him. Then, he turns and asks you what is going on as your professor is going over one of the fundamental bases of the class. This guy doesn't even bother to show up after the third week, so no one has to deal with the nuisance any longer.

2. "Over-prepared Ollie"


This is a good person to have in any class but, Ollie is the best person to have in an 8 am. Did you forget a pencil? Don't worry, Ollie has an extra. Low on caffeine? They brought an extra energy shot. Anything and everything you need, Ollie has it and most of the time will give or lend it to you without grief.

3. "Quiet Quinn" 


Quin doesn't say much. She comes to class and does what she's supposed to do. Equal parts mysterious and loner she is always there but never forces her presence, but let it be known she is always there.

4. "Musical Mikey"


Mikey listens to music the entire class. He has earbuds of course but it doesn't really matter because his music is so loud that you cannot understand if he can hear himself think or why he even bothered showing up to class. But, you can block that out, right? Think again. He head-bangs to the fast part of "Bohemian Rhapsody" with extreme vigor. He's clapping when the emcee in "Cupid Shuffle" tells him to clap. Mikey does all of it.

5. "Better-Than-You Bobby" 


Bobby, this is the guy who is smarter than you, prettier than you, and obviously, all around better than you. You got an A on the last exam. Bobby got an A+. The guy with the goatee broke his arm in third grade. Bobby broke his back last summer while playing in the World Cup playoffs.

6. "Fashion-forward Fiona"


Fiona comes into class every day dressed in real clothes. Not just a t-shirt with leggings or running shorts. Her face is beat and she may look as if she mixed up the quad with Coachella. You will question how she walked up five flights of stairs in red bottoms and still looks classy, while you did the same in Chucks and appear to have done an Iron Man in the Sahara Desert.

7. "No Time Nellie"


Nellie likes to claim that she "doesn't have time." Homework is assigned. "I don't have time for this." Group project handed out. "I don't have time for this. Can you guys just put my name on it?" While the excuse works every once in a blue moon, Nellie uses it way to often to be a valid excuse.

8. "Outta-here Allie"


This girl comes to class on time, but her downfall arrives when she makes an endless amount of noise through most of class. Rustling papers louder than needed, continuously clicking her pen, and sighing often and loud enough that she maybe confused with the dragon from "Sleeping Beauty." Then, twenty minutes before class is over she packs up SUPER loud and stands up in the middle of the lecture hall and rudely walks out.

9. "Larry Jerry Gary Gengrich Gergich"


Larry is…well, Larry. The poor, awkward creature. Spilling coffee and walking into locked doors is their forte. Answering questions with all of the wrong answers and tripping down the lecture hall stairs. The poor guy just can't get anything right.

10. Why, Waldo"


Waldo is a little…off. You don't really know what is giving you a creepy vibe about them, you just know that e gives you an uneasy feeling that keeps elbowing you in the gut every time you get anywhere near him. Then there are the things he does that just makes you ask, "Why, Waldo?"

11. “Know-it-all Natalie”


Natalie knows the answers to everything, obviously. She exhales loudly when someone asks the professor to flip back a few slides or to repeat the question. She is the very first person to raise her hand when a question is asked and often blurts out the answer if the professor doesn't pick on someone quick enough. Like, calm down, Nat. No one wants your place as the biggest jerk in class.

I am a mixture of all these students, but I am also none of them. These students are all people you should walk up to in class and make be your friend no matter how dorky or weird they are. We are all dorky and weird no matter how good you can hide it.