The last few weeks of college is the hardest no matter if you are a freshman or a senior. Finals are underway and at the same time, summer is so close we can taste it. And as we go day by day studying, and drinking coffee to stay up late, we jut hope that we don't flunk any of our classes. Every college student can relate to crazy final hours of the spring semester:

1. Long nights.

It's calling your name.

2. With long nights comes buckets of coffee.

Starbucks anyone? The main reason why we are broke.

3. The hope to get straight A's this semester.

This is what we are all eager to get. Because who doesn't want to surprise mom wit straight A's?

4. The urge for finals week to be over.

The one thing we hate is taking test, so wishing for the week to be over is nothing of the unusual.

5. When finals are over, the excitement can't be wiped off your face.

Finals are over and summer is finally here. Relaxation time is finally here! Unless you are taking summer

Taking finals is something we all hate but all have to do. Hopefully we all get through it. I wish everyone luck during their final exams, and hopefully writing