To The Student Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you ever have those days where everything feels like too much handle? You have so much stuff to get done, yet all you want to do is just lay down and forget about it. Those days come and go for some of us, we all have them. But it's ok to have to those days, everyone does.

You have to remember that even though it feels like it will last forever, it won't. Remember that you can get through this. Find your happy place, whether it be on a beach listening to the waves, on top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful lake, or even your own room.

Wherever your place is, go there.

Think of your favorite memory, a story that gives you hope or inspires you. Or even a funny memory that makes you smirk when you think of it. Use this to pull yourself out of the dark place. Remember, it doesn't last forever.

It's ok to feel overwhelmed, just remember that it will pass. You will have good days again and these bad days don't last forever.

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