So this article is dedicated to all of the other college students who are broke, just like me. I guess I'll also dedicate this article to the college students who aren't necessarily broke but really want to save money. Either way, this article is all about saving your money schmoney, even if it's a couple of bucks here and there. As I'm sure you all know or should know, it all adds up.

Disclaimers: All of the apps/discounts I'll be listing are ones that I use myself at FSU. All of these should work at college/university campuses but if they don't, I apologize.

1. Unidays.

For those of you who aren't aware (sigh), Apple Music is 4.99/month for those with a college account. However, what most people aren't actually aware of is that the site that you use to sign up for Apple Music with has amazing deals. It offers a bunch of deals to so many stores. They have discount/promo codes for Urban Outfitters, Hollister, Ray Bans, Mac, Clinique, and American Eagle. Those are just to name a few but they offer a crap ton of other stores! What I do sometimes is I'll go to the mall and look around and if I find something I really like, I'll just find it online and use the code Unidays gives me to save a couple bucks.

2. Hooked Deals

ATTENTION: ALL FOOD LOVERS! If you love to eat AND save money, this app is for you. Hooked Deals is an app that you download on your phone and it gives you real-time deals to restaurants and fast food places. They have deals for Smoothie King, Blaze Pizza, and Moes to name a few. However, if you're in Tallahassee, they have deals for Centrale, Vale, Which Wich and so much more. So this is a great app all around. All you have to deal is click on the deal and when you're in the restaurant, show the server/waiter, and voila! Money saved. And the best part is, if you're not a student, I'm 99% sure that you can still use it.

3. Pocket Points.

So Pocket Points is basically an app that is a mix between Hooked Deals and Unidays. Unfortunately, you have to be a student to use this app. The cool part about this app is that you gain points in class for not using your phone. So you click a "start" button and keep your phone locked, if you open it or use it then you don't have any points. The longer you don't use your phone, the more points so you earn. It tracks your phone so you have to be on a school campus in order to use it. They recently updated it so that when you're driving and don't use your phone, you can earn points as well. In order to get deals, you save up and redeem them. So for example, if you know the FSU (expensive) apparel store, Barefoot Outfitters, you can redeem 60 points in order to use a 30% off coupon. Pocket Points can be redeemed at certain restaurants and clothing stores.

4. Starbucks Rewards.

So this one isn't really a "student discount" but students should definitely use it, especially if they're an avid coffee or Starbucks drinker. Every time you make a purchase, you gain points or "stars" as they're called. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you win a free drink. The point limit is 100 for a free drink and is not restricted to any one food or drink, nor does it specify a size. If you're like me and try to limit your Starbucks use, wait for "Double Star" Day, so that any purchase you make will be twice the amount of points.

5. Party Tutor

Long story short, Party Tutor is exactly like Hooked Deals. If you're from Tallahassee though, it offers deals from Recess and Madison Social! The cool thing about Party Tutor is that it has four pages: Discover, Party, Eat, and Rent. The Discover pages has events basically, so like events from Recess will pop up there. The Party section has deals for alcohol specials and happy hour. The Eat tab is really just Hooked Deals, offering deals for food. The Rent section shows you prices and details about apartments.

6. Spotify x Hulu

So similar to that of Apple Music, Spotify has a college deal where if you sign up for Spotify, you also can sign up for Hulu and get them both for 4.99/month. I originally signed up for Apple Music before I realized the Spotify x Hulu deal was a thing. However, by the time I realized, I had so much music on Apple Music that I was too lazy to transfer it all over to Spotify.

7. Seminole Student Boosters

So I put this for last because it only applies to FSU students. One of the organization's at FSU is Seminole Student Boosters. You can pay a small amount, maybe $25-$30, for a one-year membership or pay an amount for a four-year membership (four year ends up being cheaper). So I paid for the four-year membership and I get a Student Boosters card with discounts on it to different places. I get discounts to Spear It, Brooklyn Bagels, FSU Bookstore (not textbooks though), Vale, Bill's Bookstore, Newk's Eatery, Garnet & Gold, Gumby's Pizza, Coosh's, Barefoot Outfitters, El Patron, and Tin Lizzy's. The best part is that they put deals for great restaurants for the most part.

So, all in all, if you guys are college students and want to save some money, or you're not college students but still want to save some money, most of these apps and deals are perfect for you!