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To The Girl In A Losing Battle With Accutane, I'm Living Proof That It Will Get Better

In the end, you'll have skin that you'll actually enjoy looking at in the mirror.

To The Girl In A Losing Battle With Accutane, I'm Living Proof That It Will Get Better

Isotretinoin, more commonly known as Accutane, is a drug designed to treat severe acne. Now, I'm not talking about the annoyance of an occasional pimple that develops in a time of high stress. Accutane is meant to clear up those painful, cystic breakouts that make you dread the face you see in the mirror every day.

Accutane is supposed to be the miracle drug, the one that will put an end to your acne forever. But in order to get those results, it takes a significant amount of time, on top of the horrendous side effects associated with the medication.

Your skin will dry out. Your lips will become chapped like you've never experienced before. Heavy-duty, thick moisturizer will be your best friend. I also recommend investing in a pharmacy-grade lip balm, because you will need it.

You will quickly become sick and tired of the required monthly visits with your dermatologist. Your doctor will most likely suggest a few more months on the medication, then those months will fly by, and they will still recommend a longer course. You will get frustrated. Not to mention having your blood drawn each month to ensure you are not pregnant; that's another stipulation of being on Accutane.

Your acne will most likely flare up at first. The dermatologist will say "it has to get worse before it gets better", but all you can notice are the painful red craters that now cover your face. If you thought your acne was bad before, it will get worse after your first month or so on the pills.

If you plan to take the medication over the summer, be cautious. Even the littlest sun exposure can leave you with a terrible sunburn because your sensitivity to light will severely increase.

With all the harsh side effects, why would anyone even consider taking Accutane? Because it works. The reality of it is almost as worse as the side effects that come along with it. It will definitely take time, and tears will be shed. But in the end, you'll have skin that you'll actually enjoy looking at in the mirror. Granted everyone is different, but Accutane has been proven to be an effective drug, known to clear up your complexion for life.

Take it from me, if you're struggling with Accutane, keep going. It will be worth it.

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