The 15 Struggles Of "Talking" To Someone
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The 15 Struggles Of "Talking" To Someone

Who defines the relationship anyway?

The 15 Struggles Of "Talking" To Someone

In modern dating culture it has become the norm to not define the relationship for excessive amounts of time, but to rather declare that you and your semi-significant other are "talking." What does this mean? Well, to be honest it means you're going on dates, probably actively participating in hand holding activities and doing a bunch of couple-y things without actually defining the relationship because titles are so restricting. Or as I like to say, it’s like you’re stuck in relationship purgatory: you haven’t quite reached Heaven and it’s feeling an awful lot like Hell. As much as I hate this behavior it's something that all of us, myself included, are guilty of engaging in but let me tell you, it can leave you feeling pretty mixed up. Here are 15 struggles you'll only understand if you're "talking" to someone. . .

1. Not knowing what to tell your family members when they ask if you're dating.

2. The unclear decision as to whether or not you buy him a birthday gift or gift for any holiday.

3. Feeling conflicted when Beyonce's Single Ladies comes on in the club.

4. The blurred line between the acceptable time to keep your dating apps and when you need to finally delete them.

5. Getting stressed when your semi-significant other likes another girl’s Instagram picture.

6. … and then stalking that girl and deciding that you hate her because she’s super pretty and looks nice and got his “like.”

7. Obsessing over the Snapchat score of your semi-significant other and trying to calculate if he is snapping other people more than he’s snapping you.

8. Not texting him every day even though you want to because that’s too relationshippy and you guys aren’t there yet even though you’re pretty much there.

9. Posting super fierce photos of yourself on Instagram to see how he responds.

10. Dying a little inside everytime he posts another girl on his Instagram or Snapchat.

11. Practicing how you’re gonna present him with the “what are we” talk.

12. … and then never actually getting around to doing it because you’re afraid of the answer.

13. Accidentally referring to him as your boyfriend in his presence.

14. The struggle between constantly stalking his social media and flat out ignoring his social media because you don’t want to piss yourself off.

15. Wanting to define the relationship but not wanting to be the one to do it.

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