I’m a second-year digital media production and journalism double major, but I've been studying video production since high school. And I absolutely love it; it's my passion. Making and editing videos is truly what I want to spend my life doing.

But here are 20 reasons why video production is actually the worst:

1. Thinking of a story idea

You either have so many ideas and you simply cannot choose one, or you have writer's block. There's no in between.

2. Story-boarding (when you have no artistic ability)

Because you somehow get it done.

3. Scripting

Characters, location, shots. So many words.

4. Checking out equipment

Carrying a tripod and a camera around is low-key annoying (and extremely heavy).

5. Setting up a lighting kit

They’re hot. They’re heavy. They’re fragile. Did I mention they’re hot?

6. Microphones

So many wires and batteries. And if you mess this part up, you’re pretty much screwed.

7. When you have no money so you have to use cheap props

8. Begging your friends and family to act for you

Help me, I'm poor.

9. When you have to interview people you don’t know

10. Realizing your entire shot was out of focus

11. Realizing your entire shot’s white balance was off

Now my actors look like oompa loopma’s. Or like they got a really bad spray tan.

12. Watching movies is now ruined for you

“That lighting is terrible. And they could have used a better shot than that. Are they even using a tripod?”

13. How expensive equipment is

Want to upgrade your camera or editing software? There goes your paycheck for six months.

14. Editing

You're forced to lock yourself inside a room until you finish this edit. Speak to no one and get rid of anything that could be a distraction.

15. Deadlines

You procrastinated, and now you have two days to shoot and edit an entire video. Good luck.

16. When you realize you forgot a shot

And now you have to go back out and re-shoot it.

17. Or when the computer freezes mid-edit

18. You somehow finish on time

Because you're perfect.

19. Now all you want is coffee and to sleep forever

20. And REPEAT