Struggles of Being the Brutally Honest Friend

Being the brutally honest friend is a blessing and a curse all in one. You tell it like it is with the fear of your words being too harsh, but sometimes they are too harsh and then it goes downhill from there. Here are some struggles that come with being that friend in your group.

1. People ask you for advice when they want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Then when you do tell them the honest truth, they can't take it and get mad.

2. You have internal battles on whether you should say what is on your mind or if you should hold your tongue.

You struggle keeping your opinion to yourself. Sometimes you know it is better not to say anything, but you can not always help it.

3. You usually end up saying what is on your mind.

You say what is on your mind and nine out of ten times it gets you in trouble.

4. Your facial expressions say it all when your words can't.

In the rare occasion that you do choose to keep your mouth shut, you get the message across with your facial expressions alone.

5. Your friends are well aware that you will not lie to them or beat around the bush.

Your friends are very aware that they will get the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

6. You have to censor yourself when unfamiliar people are around.

Some people are not used to being around someone quite like you. Your friends often have to remind you to watch what you say because you are not sure how this person will take it.

7. You are often told not to comment on a issue because your candor is not always appreciated.

Sometimes people simply do not want to hear what you want to say.

8. You understand that the goal of being honest is to help and not hurt even if people do not see it that way.

You understand that the truth hurts sometimes.

9. You are expected to always have thick skin.

People think that because you are not afraid to be honest, they can say hurtful things to you and you can't get upset.

10. You are actually a really sweet and kind person and sometimes people forget that.

You really do have good intentions, but the fact that you have no fear of saying what you want leads people to think you are quite the opposite of the nice person that you are.

11. Sometimes you are too harsh but you are working on it.

You often say things are better left unsaid and are trying your best to fix it.

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