By "sister" I don't mean ~sorority sister~ or a friend that is so close you would consider them as a sister. No. By "sister" I mean that person that you are forced to live with and encouraged to love. This could be an adopted, step, half or full sister. As long as it is someone that is your actual family. And like most family, you usually love them (most of the time). But there are some trying times that every girl who has a sister is forced to deal with at least once.

So, whether you consider your sister your best friend, mortal enemy, or both, these are some experiences that most sisters have to endure.

1. They steal EVERYTHING

I didn't have to struggle with this problem very much as a child because I was extremely chubby and my sister has always been skinny (and I wore lime-green crocs while she wore not-hideous clothing) but now that I've gotten older, it's like she thinks my clothing is "our" clothing. *eye roll* I should've stuck with the green crocs.

2. Sharing a room meant sharing a life

Being on top bunk seemed cool and all until you had to break your feet going up and down the ladder.

3. They think they know what's best

I had to put at least one vine reference in here.

4. You compete with each other over everything

Grades, popularity, who can hold their breath the longest, your parent's affection. You know, the usual.

5. You constantly fight

It's either mental warfare or full-on MMA fighting.

6. But still, you love each other

You kind of have to, but you also kind of want to.

7. People either always point out how alike or different you are

"You two look so much alike!!"'s almost like were ~sisters~

8. You need each other to survive family events

Especially the extended family that you barely have any memory of and nothing to talk about with.

9. You always give each other fashion advice

It was like full-on Project Runway at times.

10. Your sister's friends become your friends

11. You know everything about each other

And then use this information against each other.

12. You are each other's best friends, but also mortal enemies

Like most family, it's a love/hate relationship.