The Struggles of a College Student, as Told By The Grinch

So we all know who the Grinch is, right? It's one of my favorite movies no matter what time of year, and I find myself relating to him more and more as I get older! I think a twenty-something year old human who is (kind of) an adult can definitely relate to a lot of the things he says and does. Here are some of them!

1. You struggle between watching Netflix and actually being social when you have free time.

We all need a nice night out every once in awhile, but laying in your bed covered with a pile of blankets sounds so much more appealing!

2. You do a variety of things as a result of boredom.

Ever find yourself eating straight out of a tub of ice cream when you should be studying or doing something productive? Because I sure do...

3. You sometimes have days where you just can't do anything right.

Do you sometimes seem to feel like, well, an idiot? Don't worry, we all feel like that every now and then! Just take one step at a time!

4. You sometimes tend to just....lay there and question everything about life.

And it seems to happen more often than not!

5. When you're really struggling in a class and just can't find any motivation:

We have to have at least one every year!

6. The struggle between staying in and going out on the weekends:

But your bed is so cozy!

7. When you have a crush and don't know what to do about it:

Been there done that!

8. When you can't seem to find time for yourself...

As much as you try, you can't seem to sit down and take some time for yourself!

I don't think I've ever related to anything more in my life. We love you, Mr. Grinch!

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