12 Struggles Of Being Half Black
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12 Relatable Struggles Of Being Half-Black

Straight hair me and curly hair me are two different people.

12 Relatable Struggles Of Being Half-Black

A mutt, a mix, not 100% anything, are some of the ways us half-black folks are labeled. Our childhood and teen years seemed like a clash of two worlds, and we sometimes wondered if we would ever fit in anywhere. Along with the struggles though, comes with the funny realization that we are all in this together. And ultimately, we are blessed to have a taste of both. From hair to music to our unique upbringing, I breakdown the 12 things we bi racial peeps had, and still have, unique to us only.

1. Hairdressers underestimating how thick your hair is.

hair salon


You got a big storm comin'. Don't let my straightened hair fool you.

2. Feeling different with straight/curly hair.

flat ironing hair


Straight hair me is more subdued and chill, while curly haired me has more flash and flare.

3. Your hair takes forever to get an ounce oily.

lisa kudrow dry hair


It can be a blessing and a curse.

4. People never guess correctly what you're mixed with.

late show with stephen colbert


Everyone guesses every other ethnicity before black. Geez, I'm not THAT pale.

5. Feeling like you don't fit in with the "white" side of your family.

confused girl with people


You know there's not going to be any greens or corn bread at the family picnic, so you mentally prepare yourself.

6. While also feeling out of place with the black side.

can't touch this martin lawrence


You feel like an oddball for some reason.

7. You practically live at the "multi-cultural" hair section at the store.

Rickey Smiley girl


You can't help but make a face when seeing Pantene, Suave, or Treseme commercials.

8. Strangers looking confused when you're out with your parent.

confused math guy


You might have gotten the "are you being kidnapped" eyes from a cashier at one point.

9. One side of your family had different lingo to keep you in line.



Your friends didn't understand why "I'm not one of your little friends" or "Do you think you're grown?" was so scary.

10. You heard different types of music growing up.

Earth, Wind & Fire


If I have to hear one more question of who is Earth, Wind, and Fire or the Commodores one more time, I might lose it.

22. Preferring "Everybody Hates Chris" over "Everybody Loves Raymond."

Everybody Hates Chris


The jokes hit closer to home.

12. Feeling conflicted about who you really are.

Aurora I love myself


While simultaneously feeling unique, and beautiful!

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