As a child, I never realized that childhood TV shows would somehow describe my life perfectly one day. College has been quite the experience. To help explain the struggle part of this experience, I am bringing in my old friend Spongebob Squarepants. Here are the struggles of a college student featuring Spongebob.

1. Meeting friends the first few weeks of school

2. After syllabus week passes and you realize just how hard this semester will be

3. Trying to do anything fun that requires money

4. The horrible food choices made during the four years you are in school

5. Adding school and work together always limits the amount of fun you can have

6. When your friends who are close to home leave for a weekend

7. Writing any paper is torture

8. The cost of attending college is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to you

9. Late nights is something you can't get away from

10. All your information you thought you learned never really stays in your brain come test time

11. The morning after any night out is usually a rough one

12. Finals week is anything but fun

13. You've lost all hope when the exams aren't multiple choice

14. If your semester is "good" you're probably lying