A while ago, I took my first educational psychology exam of the semester. Now, psychology is not my strongest subject, but this is a class that I know I have to take for my major because, well, I'm an education major. But after I finally turned in that exam, what happened after felt like a long time as I waited for the grades to be posted online. Here are ten things that were going through my mind the minute I stepped out of the classroom after finishing and double checking the exam.

1. Finally done. I did it. I survived.

2. Should I check my notes to see if I did remember the materials?

3. No, Maddie, don't. Just go back to your room.

4. But what about that one question about...


6. It's the next day, and he still hasn't posted it.

7. I mean, it's Friday so he probably is still going over the bonus question.

8. It's been over 48 hours now and he STILL HASN'T POSTED!

9. Saturday night. Still hasn't posted. I'm getting a little stressed worrying now.

10. HE FINALLY POSTED PRAISE THE LORD! Wait, he posted the scored... OH, GOD!