I think everyone can agree that they hate stress. The reason why stress sucks so much is because anything that is anything can make us stressed and we can't avoid the stressors (things that push our buttons). And it's not like you only get stressed about one thing at a time, you can get stressed about several things a one time. You can even get stressed by being so stressed out, it's ridiculous. Did I mention that it also sucks? While stressors are unavoidable there are ways that we can cope with stress or reduce the stress that we have, here are a few ways that we can reduce or cope with stress.

1. Problem-focused or Emotion-focused coping

A way to relieve the stress that you have now is by coping with it. There are two ways you could cope, problem-focused or emotion-focused coping. Problem-focused coping is when you change what you're stressed about, for example, if you're stressed about a fight with someone close to you, you will most likely try to talk it out with that person to make that stressor go away. We only really use problem-focused coping when we feel like we have control over what were stressed about. Emotion-focused coping is when we avoid what were stressed about by talking to someone about it because it is out of our hand to try to fix the stressor.

2. Exercise

Usually, when we are stressed about something and we can’t control it we get anxiety which leads us to get more stressed. Well, exercise can relieve your anxiety and give you more energy and it will get your mind off of what you're stressed out about. And by exercise I mean walking to, you don't have to run. I personally thinking walking is better because you can see the scenery that's around you. Exercise can also help you blow off some steam.

3. Sleep

Sometimes when we don’t get the sleep we need we get a little aggravated at everything and we just want to go to bed. When we don't get the sleep we personally need we tend to not be able to cope with the stressor that we get that day or we've had for a while which leads to more stress because we want to get over it. You don't have to sleep for nine hours each night but don’t sleep for only one hour because that's not enough sleep for anyone

4. Change pattern of thinking

I know it's hard to do but don’t think about what's making you stress, for example, don't make a list inside of your head of things you're stressed about because that's only going to lead you to be more stressed. Instead, make a list of the stressors that you can fix and fix them and accept the stressors that can’t be fixed because it is out of your control. Not everything we get stressed about is out of our control, a lot of what we get stressed about can be fixed in an instant.

5. Take time to disconnect

Everyone knows that thinking about stress makes you more stressed and then that makes you stressed out. Distracting yourself from what's making you stress leads you to be less stressed because you forget why you were stressed in the first place, well for a little while. Play some 8ball and get mad when you lose, it's better than being stressed.

6. Close relationships

Usually when you have a close relationship with someone you are able to talk to them about anything including stress. Talking about why your stress can relieve some of your stress. Or if you don't want to talk about it, you could just hang out with your friends and relax.

8. Be happy

When you're in a bad mood you seem to be more stressed than when you're in a good mood. Mood, sleep, and stress is all closely connected because if you don't get enough sleep you're in a bad mood which leads you to be aggravated and wanting to sleep but you can't because you have so many things to do so you get stressed. Getting enough sleep and having a great mood leads to less stress. And you don't have to actually be happy, it's a somewhat not known fact that even acting like your happy puts you in a better mood.

9. Control your time

The number one thing I get stressed about is time because I always feel like I don't have enough time to do things that need to be done by the next day (usually because I want to take a nap). Usually, you only schedule anything if it's a meeting or it's a practice but we never schedule what time were going to study for an exam or when we're going to write a paper that's due in an hour. But if we did it would help drastically, and help us be less stressed about doing homework.

10. Don’t worry about money

The number one thing most people are stressed about is money. We don't have enough money to buy our textbooks or food or to pay for our classes and for tuition so we get stressed because we need to pay for these things by a certain date. But money problems link with accepting things that are out of your control, you can't control money problem, they're very unexpected. Even rich people run into money problems, it's a part of life. We have to accept our money problems because we can't fix them.

Stress is a huge part of life and we need to learn to deal with it. These ten ways to cope and reduce stress will help us do that.