Stress, It's Life

I can't tell you how stressed out I always am. Even when I'm not stressed, I'm stressed. It's hard to explain.

In high school, especially my senior year, I was so tired all the time. I still to this day say that my senior year was the worst one. Stressing over my schoolwork, friends, relationship, sport (because of as much as you don't think it is, Colorguard/Winterguard is a sport), senior fees, and family problems, I just couldn't handle it.

Being stressed out affected my attitude towards others. I took out my anxieties on everyone around me. Even the ones closest to me that only tried to make me happy. They started noticing and so did I. I couldn't help it, though. One mean comment to me and it was World War 3 because I had enough on my plate to handle without trying to handle their attitude.

After senior year, I was praying it would get better. Easier. Life would just fall into my hands.

It does not happen like that.

Don't get me wrong, the summer was laid back. I had a really fun job, an awesome boyfriend, and some pretty amazing friends. I started thinking that if this is how life goes, then let's live!

Then summer ended.

I started college, which I was totally excited for. I had never been the type to put all my effort and time into my classes and schoolwork. I was more worried about what to wear or how many friends I could make in one day. I was determined for college, though. I knew that I was going to make straight A's and really try this year.

Then I got the schoolwork.

Being a full-time college student right out of high school, let me tell you that I was not physically, mentally, or emotionally ready for these type of assignments. You see the difference between high school and college is that you HAVE to go to high school. Your parents force you to wake up in the morning and kick your tail to school. In college, it's YOUR responsibility.

I know the horror.

Not just the waking up, but being responsible and turning in all your assignments on time. When you have a lecture exam, essay rough draft, grammar worksheets, online 100 question homework, and a test to study for, you really have to pick your priorities. Then each teacher tells you that you need to study for 2 hours for every hour you are in class.

Do they know how many hours are in a week?

Over the summer, I had the best job. No lie. I work at a skating rink. Two to be more exact. Cool right? I work there pretty much every weekend and during the week sometimes too. It's so much fun. I couldn't live without it now. I'm way too attached to that place. I love my co-workers, the kids that come, and the fact that I get to listen to music the whole time I am there! Believe me, once you work at fast food, you learn to appreciate the job you love.

I recently started applying at hospitals because I want to be a Nurse and try to get my foot in the door. Guess what? I got an interview and I got hired. I start soon, but I can't quit the skating rink. I just can not. I love it way too much.

So, let's add this up. I am a full-time college student, I have 3 jobs (one is full-time), a student leader at my church, and I still manage to have a social life.

When do I sleep you might ask? Oh, I get a full nights rest if you did not know.

Yes, I am stressed out. My stress has stress. I have learned to cope with it, though. If you tell yourself not to get stressed out about sticky situations then you won't. The older you get the more stress that will be put on you, it really does not get easier from here, but yet it does. The more stress you have the more you get used to stressing and how to overcome it.

It is your choice to let it engulf you or put your foot down.

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