I am writing to my fellow sensitive girls. I write to you to give you permission to fall in love with your softness; it is not to be feared. You are strong because you feel everything so deeply, you have the capacity to move mountains with your passion for every feeling that to others may seem fleeting.

It is easy to become jaded when you invest yourself in your personal relationships quickly, when you give all that you can and do not always receive the same love or care in return.

However, I offer you peace in the knowledge that your day will come and in the realization that it is a gift to feel. You can taste every sunset with more intensity, you can find beauty in the neglected and ultimately, you have the power to make your sensitivity a gift.

Do not stop hoping for people to pleasantly surprise you. Allow yourself to take chances and to remain optimistic no matter the pain that you have felt. You must not close yourself off from the energy that you wish to receive and you must be ready to accept your highest frequency with open arms.

Give yourself fully to the process of learning how to be yourself. Do not neglect your soft spots, but be mindful of your limits and of when you exude yourself from giving of your heart.

In your life, you have the choice to actively give yourself the permission to stumble and to yet to continuously rise a better person. Do not be afraid of unavoidable pain, do not shy away from the things that awaken something within you.

I urge you to explore how you interact with the world and how you perceive these encounters. Rethink any autopilot negative thoughts, responses or judgements and ask yourself why they appeared.

If you begin to practice the art of being conscious of your emotions, you will find just how powerful your sensitivity can make you. If you bring purpose to your natural disposition, you can achieve that magical balance of being just sensitive enough to feel in great depths while not becoming lost in the intensity of such emotion.

From one soft girl to another, the ability to empathize and feel is a blessing, so do not confuse it as being any less valuable.