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Stranger Things Season 2 Speculations

We are officially getting a season 2! Let the theories begin.

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Did anyone else watch the teaser trailer for season two of "Stranger Things" and just...

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The whole trailer was simply the titles of the episodes for the next season. In case you missed it and want to speculate like the rest of the fans...

(Move forward at your own risk, this article contains spoilers for all of season one.)


Rumors surrounding season two suggest that there will be new characters in the new season: Max, Roman and Billy. Perhaps this is purely speculation, but seeing as Eleven is named Eleven and not One... these characters might be some of the implied children that were experimented on before Eleven?


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This seems straightforward enough...? I'll just leave this here:

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"Byers' mother, Joyce Byers alleges that Will was the subject of a secret government program run by the Hawkins National Laboratory. The allegation comes amidst a massive investigation into the hidden organization and its elaborate experimentations in perusal of mind control." (It seems that Joyce has broken her promise to keep quiet.)

And then this:

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"Brenner has issued no comment on..."

Reminder that Brenner is Eleven's horrible father, and that he also very likely has some level of control over Sheriff Hopper.


Not quite sure about this one, though an article from Huffington Post suggests that the pumpkins might be the egg-looking things that Sheriff Hopper saw in the Upside Down.


In the last episode of season one, while the boys are talking about a game of Dungeons and Dragons, they ask: "What about the lost knight, and the proud princess, and those weird flowers in the cave?"

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Sounds a bit like a palace to me, does it not? Will this board game be causing more mischief?


Honestly, no idea, but this just sounds terrifying.

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Google says that a "pollywog" is either a tadpole or a sailor crossing the equator for the first time. Huffington Post pointed out that either of these definitions could apply. That scary goop that Will coughed up looks eerily like a tadpole that would come from the Upside Down. Or, if pollywog is referring to crossing the equator, then 'equator' could very well mean the divide between the real world and the Upside Down. So will the sailor be one of our favorite characters or a yet unseen beast from the Upside Down?

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No idea about these, but episode seven sounds like we're going to get more confused, and episode eight sounds like we're going to get some answers. And then get way more confused.


So... I guess it's Jonathan's turn? (I don't think I can handle Will going missing again.)

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Most likely we will be waiting at least until July-ish for the next season. So in the meantime, enjoy watching and re-watching.

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