Turn Your Cups Upside Down With This 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Drinking Game

Turn Your Cups Upside Down With This 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Drinking Game

Cue the fireworks, season three of "Stranger Things" is finally here!


The wait is over. "Stranger Things" season three is here, and just in time for America's favorite holiday weekend. If you're still deciding how best to celebrate the Fourth of July, allow me to push you in the right direction.

Stay in. Relax. Get a little buzzed, and turn your cups upside down with the official "Stranger Things" season three drinking game.

To start, take a shot when the "Stranger Things" title screen appears and the chilling theme music reminds you of how excited you are to binge-watch the whole season in one sitting.

A light flickers: take a sip.

Eleven gets a nosebleed: take a sip.

Will sees something nobody else can see: take a sip.

Dustin makes you laugh: take a sip.

Steve acts like a douche canoe: take a sip.

Mike and Eleven have a "moment" that they keep to themselves: take a sip.

Hopper investigates something that no one else will: take a sip.

Lucas is the voice of reason: take a sip.

One of the kids swears: take a sip.

Winona Ryder loses her sh*t: take a sip.

A "Dungeons & Dragons" or "Lord of the Rings" reference is made: take a sip.

The kids are seen riding their bikes: take a sip.

Someone says "demogorgon": take a sip.

Eleven eats a waffle: take two sips.

Any couple shares a kiss: take two sips.

You actually see a demogorgon: take two sips.

Anyone is seen drinking canned beer: shotgun a beer.

Someone enters the "upside down" through a portal: finish your drink.

Someone is killed by a monster from the "upside down": finish your drink.

Eleven uses her powers: finish your drink.

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