A Strange Case Of Demonic Possession
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A Strange Case Of Demonic Possession

Julia's future still isn't clear

A Strange Case Of Demonic Possession

We often think of stories of demonic possession and exorcism being a thing of the past. However there has been a report of demonic possession from only 9 years ago in 2008.

A woman known only by the name Julia, was seen by Richard Gallagher. Dr. Gallagher wrote about his experience with Julia in the New Oxford Review. He has studied at both Princeton and Yale. Dr. Gallagher is an associate professor of Clinical Psychiatry at New York Medical College.

Julia was not an active member of the church. In fact she had been reportedly involved with satanic cults. However she reached out to her local church saying she feared that a demon or Satan himself was attacking her. Which is rare normally a concerned party calls for religous help not the person themselves. Julia displayed all of the traditional signs of possession. And later into Julia's treatment Dr. Gallagher put together a team consisting of multiple clergymen, nuns, and a mental health expert.

Julia would often go into trance like states where she would speak in a voice that was not hers. Her tone would either be very low, almost like a mans, or very high. She would make comments about her distaste for anything religious. Julia also had knowledge of thing she should not have know. For example, what a clergyman was wearing, feeling, and where he was at, when he was not in the room. Or she would insult the team. When she woke up from the trances she would remeber nothing that happened. Other Things that would occur was objects moving around the room without being touched. One of the most interesting thins that happened with Julia is the team reported her demonic voice breaking into a phone conference the team was participating in, that was no where near her or her room.

Julia requested to have an exorcism done. One of these exorcism that took place occurred in the summer months, however, the room was cold. The process took almost two days to complete. Julia began to make loud animal like noises that no human should be able to produce. She spoke in languages, including Latin among others, that she did not know. Not only that but Julia seemed to have extreme strength. It took five people to barely hold her down. Still, she managed to levitate about 6 inches.

the most interesting thing about this case is that no body has said what happened/will happen with Julia, In most cases the people who were possessed go on to live a normal life. However among the many articles that I have read only one has stated anything about Julia's future, which may or may not be more exorcisms.

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