I wrote and a storyline about my best friend's life.
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Fiction On Odyssey: Storyline of My Best Friend's Future

To my best friend, Krys, who has gone through thick and thin with me.

Fiction On Odyssey: Storyline of My Best Friend's Future

The year 2020:

The year 2024:

  • Graduates GSU with her major and minor begins looking for jobs immediately and acts like the adult that she is.
  • Finds an entry level position in a decent and well-known business, a few blocks away from a law firm.
  • Rents a new apartment that is not too far from her job but she still has to take some form of public transportation.
  • Does well at her new job, is a bit of a procrastinator but she gets everything done.
  • Decides to dabble in Tinder, an app she hasn't opened in years but for some reason still has.

The year 2025:

  • She decides that she likes her position and the company and sticks with it.
  • Goes on a few Tinder dates, breaks some hearts.

The year 2026:

  • Gets a promotion at work, moves up being a sales and marketing associate.
  • Crashes her old car by running a red light, has to get a new one.
  • A relative died, she attended their funeral.

The year 2027:

  • Does well in the business, the managers are impressed. She gets a raise.
  • Still on Tinder. (Company has now been bought by Snapchat)(Snapchat kinda annoys me tbh)
  • Finally gets that ear piercing she has been meaning to get for years.
  • Meets a hot lawyer who has everything she wanted in a guy, and decides to take it slow.

The year 2028:

  • The lawyer's name is Kim Namjoon, works pretty close to her work where she has now been promoted to manager.
  • He's a defense attorney and really likes her.
  • They go on an elaborate date that ends with him giving her a promise ring cause he is a gentleman.

The year 2029:

  • Another relative dies, she goes to their funeral.
  • Namjoon asks if she wants to move in with him, she says yes. (Because men like him are a diamond in the ruff)
  • They move in, everything is wonderful, but they crash both their cars (not at the same time) and get new ones. (Clumsy stay together in everything).

The year 2030:

  • The 10-year high school reunion occurs, she meets some friends she hasn't seen in years. (That friend is obviously me because she loves me).
  • They go out drinking and she ends up with a tattoo, but she likes it so she keeps it.
  • Namjoon proposes she accepts, they celebrate with a fancy dinner.

The year 2031:

  • Move into a bigger house and are really busy with wedding preparations.
  • She gets another promotion, this time she is the manager of the managers.
  • The wedding date is set for Spring 2032.

The year 2032:

  • Wedding + marriage. She is happy, so is Namjoon.
  • Learns that she is pregnant and is now expecting a baby girl.
  • Due date is August 2033.

The year 2033

  • She gives birth 4 weeks early, in July.
  • The baby spends the next 4 weeks in the infant ICU until she is healthy enough to leave.

The year 2034

  • Namjoon is doing very well as a lawyer and ended up taking over the law firm.
  • Krys got a pay raise. (Now she owes me a party + $25 she still hasn't paid back yet).

The year 2035

  • She learns that she is pregnant with a boy
  • Due date is November 2035

The year 2057

  • Her daughter takes after Namjoon and is an overachiever while her son is more like her and does the bare minimum.

The year 2060

  • Both children are grown up and her daughter majored in biometrics while the son got a major in art.
  • She decides to retire

The year 2062

  • Finally pays off the last of her student loans

*No death scene, because that's just really sad.*

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