A Story Of Photography: Capturing The Beauty Of Life
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A Story Of Photography: Capturing The Beauty Of Life

"With the right lens and the right eye, you can turn anything into art."

A Story Of Photography: Capturing The Beauty Of Life
Jenna Kilpinen

Beauty is everywhere you look: on a college campus, taking a walk in the park, friends laughing together. What is one thing our generation loves to do? Take pictures and share them to the entire world. A good friend (and old roommate) of mine is one of the best photographers I know in our early 20s. Jenna Kilpinen understands how to catch a photo at the precise moment someone looks their best with the lighting at the exact angle to make everything look golden. In a nutshell, she is definitely a fabulous artist with this artform of hers.

1. Why do you like photography?

"Photography turns everyday moments into works of art. However, contrary to other art forms, photos can be produced must faster and much easier than say a painting or a drawing. I like photography because it allows me to express myself primarily through what I already see, it just magnifies and sharpens that vision into something that will last."

2. What spurred your passion for photography?

"My passion for photography started when I was a kid; my mom worked for a scrap booking company and I often tagged along to her events. As a teenager though, what really spurred my photography was the internet. Sites like Tumblr and Flickr really highlighted the beauty of photography, and it became something I wanted to pursue to match my role models. Eventually, I became my own photographer, but to this day I think the only reason I wanted to pursue a career in photography was because of my early internet inspirations."

3. You do photography for a hobby, would it ever become a profession?

"I’d say it already is my profession...even though I do a lot of other things along side it. I started my own photography business when I was a senior in high school, and now, as a senior in college, I can say that I’ve made a fair bit of money taking photos."

4. What would you say your "style" is?

"My photography style is usually pretty candid. My best shots come from moments that are spontaneous or unplanned. I generally shoot with a low aperture lens, so I often like to have a blurry background with natural lighting, but more than anything I want my photos to come across as human."

5. What is one struggle you have had through your photography journey?

"I think the biggest struggle I have had has been learning how to have my own business. Although my photography has grown, I still struggle with pricing and marketing. To this day, I still don’t have a set list of pricing, and I generally undercharge for my shoots because I feel guilty. Additionally, I don’t have a huge list of clients, and I really rely on my friends to pass my name along. Photography is easy, but learning how to turn it into a career has been difficult."

6. What is the main life lesson you have learned through this process?

"The main thing I have learned is that you’re going to make mistakes. Every time I come out of a shoot I usually think 'I should have done this differently' or 'Why didn’t I do this instead of that?' But through all of these mistakes, I’ve learned how to be better in the future. Each mistake has led me to change some of my process, whether that be on the photography side or the business side."

7. Any advice for photographers out there?

"Don’t hesitate to reach out to people you want to work with, whether that’s fellow photographers or models or sponsors. Some of my favorite shoots have happened because I was the one who asked, 'Can I collaborate with you?' You need to take initiative when it comes to your work, especially if you want to turn it into a business or a career. Even a simple email or tweet can change the entire course of your life. Just ask."

8. Any last thoughts?

"I never intended to become a professional photographer. When I grew up I always had disposable cameras and low-quality point-and-shoots, but it never seemed like something I could do to make money. More than that, I didn’t think it would become so important to how I view my world. Once you become a photographer, you stop seeing the world as just things, and you start seeing it as a canvas. With the right lens and the right eye, you can turn anything into art. Even though I thought I would grow up to be a teacher or an author, it was freeing when I realized I didn’t have to be either of those things; I can document the world and someone, somewhere will want to pay for that documentation. Photography is much more important and valuable than just a post on Instagram."

Interview with Jenna Kilpinen was conducted on August 25, 2016.

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