The Story Behind App State's Positive Post-it Note Day
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The Story Behind App State's Positive Post-it Note Day

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The Story Behind App State's Positive Post-it Note Day
Laura Moon

You all most likely remember the day last year, when our beautiful Appalachian State Campus became even more lovely - it was the day where our campus was adorned with colorful and positive post it notes, every which way you looked. Maybe you participated with your own positivity, or maybe you stumbled upon a sticky note that really resonated with you. However you interacted with these post-its, I'm sure you felt a sense of unity, happiness, and of course positivity among your peers - but did you ever wonder what the story behind this awesome idea was?

Posted by Mountaineer: @denniferjeane

While you may remember the positivity surrounding App State's campus that year, you will also most likely remember the negativity. Last year, our campus went through an enormous amount of tragedy and heart break due to the passing of many beloved students, and it left so many deeply impacted. One of these students that was devastated, but also motivated to make a change was Samantha Bender. Some of you may know this cheery Mountaineer, and for many that do, the first word that would come to mind is positive.

Photo by Mountaineer: @bender_sm

Samantha felt inspired to change the negative stigma, which lingered around her beloved school, so obviously she chose the greatest way to counter-act negativity - she chose positivity.

Photo by Mountaineer: @harper0324

When I asked her how she came up with Positive-Post it Note Day specifically, she responded with: "Most of the time everyone believes that App State Students are always happy, right? No, we are not all happy all the time, by any means and sometimes we just need to hear words of encouragement. Sometimes we just need to hear that someone loves us, thinks we’re smart or beautiful. I wanted the whole Appalachian community to know how much they are loved, but I didn’t know how to tell 18,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff. And then, it came to me."

Photo by Mountaineer: @laurentropy

She continued with, "What could be more beautiful in its own simplicity than a note with a positive message? Or, rather 10,000 positive messages posted around Appalachian State's campus? This event was created to spread positivity here in the High Country in Spring 2015 and I couldn't be more excited to announce the Second Annual Positive Post-It Day for February 15, 2016. As a marketing major, you always hope to market something, which will change the world for the better. I am a firm believer that there is nothing more powerful than that of a good mindset."

Photo by Mountaineer: @triplesunshine

I then went on to ask her what positivity meant to her and how it has impacted her own life. Samantha replied with, "I know personally for me, freshman year was an extremely trying time in my life. After returning from Christmas break when my father passed away, I let my school work pile up and began working way too many hours for my fragile mind and heart to handle. I became lost, but no one knew it. Because I didn’t want people to see me unhappy; this would have been a foreign sight for all. No one is happy all the time, but I chose to see a light at the end of the tunnel, that’s what positivity is all about. That’s what this day is all about!"

Photo by Mountaineers: @appcheerleading

Lastly I asked Samantha what was the most impactful experience that came out of this day for her? She went on with, "Last year I was contacted by numerous students telling me that a day like Positive Post It Note Day was exactly what they needed. Among those impacted, were some whose family members had recently passed, some had just failed a test, some did horribly in an interview and some with situations so close to them that they chose not to share. Regardless of the situation, I just want every student to know that the notes they write on February 15th are guaranteed to have an impact so strong they cannot even fathom. And to the students reading positive notes, please believe what they say. You are worth something. You are worth everything; you just have to believe."

Photo by Mountaineer: @ashangel23

So there you have it, an awesome story and mind behind an awesome event, that has truly made a difference on our campus. To join in on this positive movement, just buy yourself some post-it notes and decorate our campus with your own positivity. You never know who's heart you can touch with your words of encouragement and love.

To say you're going to the event click here, and you will be directed to the positive post-it day, Facebook event page. Click the "going" button and share with your friends! Let's make the second annual Positive Post it Note Day (February 15th) even more colorful!

Also, use the hashtag, #PositivePostIt on Instagram and stay tuned for my next article, which will feature some of the best post-it's!

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