5 Stores You Should Never, Ever Take Your Girlfriend To

5 Stores You Should Never Take Your Girlfriend To, Because You'll NEVER Get Out

You've heard the jokes about Target... they're real. It's a real problem.


There are some stores that really are money suckers... everything is cheap and cute, and you just want to buy everything. Guys, here are the seven stores you should NEVER, EVER, under ANY circumstances, shop at with your girlfriend!

1. Target

Kelsey Oseto / Instagram

Never EVER take your girlfriend here! She'll find an irresistable pair of booties she HAS to buy, or a cute new top, or some comfy sweats that would look super cute with that hoodie of yours. Don't do it.... just don't.

2. T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx / Instagram

This is another trap. Everything is cute and name-brand, and there will be something she wants, I promise. Last time I was there they had Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts on sale... really had to demonstrate self-control there.

3. Bath and Body Works

Bath & Body Works / Instagram

This one is especially dangerous because there's ALWAYS a sale, and you normally get a bunch of free products, so trying to not buy something is really REALLY hard. I always cave, I can't help it.

4. Yankee Candle, or any candle store.

Yankee Candle / Instagram

Candles are like a thing I buy and never use but can't talk myself out of buying. I love the way they smell, but I always forget about them. It's a slippery slope, and once you get started it's hard to stop buying them.

5. Forever 21

Forever21 / Instagram

Want a new outfit for the weekend? $20 and you're set. Girls LOVE Forever21, and it's so hard to say no when you find something you love for $10...

Well, fellas, I hope this list helped if you want to save money and/or time! Girlies, what are your favorite stores I forgot to mention?

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7 Things To Remember When You're Sad About Being Single

I don't need a significant other, I have my significant self.


Let's stop the stigma around being single. Those who aren't in a relationship are not "weak," "missing out," "lonely," etc. We're doing just fine on our own, honey. There may be many plus sides of being in a relationship such as having a cuddle buddy, someone who, without a doubt, will always buy you food, or sharing your love for in each other in endless, cute ways. Buuuuttt... let's not forget these reasons why being single can be so amazing!

1. You save money 

Less shopping for you on Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. SAVE THAT MONEY, HONEY!

2. You can flirt with whoever you want...

...for the most part, at least. Definitely not if they already have a significant other. But now, you don't have to feel guilty for having googly eyes for someone else!

3. You can completely unplug whenever 

You don't have to worry about constantly keeping tabs on someone. No more answering to someone's every call. You can go completely tech-free whenever!

4. You have more time...

...to find yourself, love yourself, and put yourself first. Also, just more time to watch Netflix and hang with family and friends.

5. You are saying goodbye to heartbreak 

No one can breakup with you if you're single, #facts.

6. Everything you do is for yourself 

Decision making can be hard as it is, so making decisions that benefit you AND another person can be draining. Now, you don't have to worry about making someone else happy.

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The Reason Why Everyone Needs To Stop Shopping At Forever21

The secret behind the low prices in fast-fashion has a hidden dark side in manufacturing.


We all know the brand; the blinding traffic-light-yellow bags with the black font that takes over every mall. We know Forever21 for its trendy crop tops, it's $3.90 leggings, the cheap band shirts, and basics. What we don't know, however, is how they can keep their prices so low.

Fast Fashion has long been abusive to the use of underpaid labor in manufacturing facilities, and Forever21 is no exception.

By listing themselves as a retailer, Forver21 avoids responsibility for unethical practices in their manufacturing processes. They outsource manufacturing to companies who underpay their workers and provide poor working conditions, and not just around the world. There are manufacturing facilities as close as Los Angeles. Forever21's "Social Responsibility" page boasts about recycling plastic bags and collecting donations, as well as donating clothing of their own to those in need. However, the section on manufacturing falls farther down on the page.

The section opens with the statement that Forever21 "care[s] for [their] employees and for the employees of hundreds of vendor manufacturing facilities that we work with throughout the world. [They] want all of these employees to work in safe and healthy environments." Yet, the statement does not provide any promise or commitment to doing so.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "manufacturers say that no matter how tightly retailers squeeze their margins or how frequently the state penalizes them for contractors' unpaid wages, many can't turn down a buyer with the budget and scale of Forever 21."

According to Goodonyou.eco, Forever21 is "one of the only fast fashion brands to still refuse to sign the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety – a legally binding agreement which requires brands to ensure safe working conditions in supplier factories." The agreement works to monitor remediation, ensure safety inspections, and facilitate factory inspections. The same article also claims that "they've also made no significant progress towards paying employees across their supply chain with a living wage". The Los Angeles Times claims that in an investigation of 77 Los Angeles garment factories from April through July of 2016, it was discovered that workers "were paid as little as $4 and an average of $7 an hour for 10-hour days spent sewing clothes for Forever 21" and other fast fashion brands.

The question is, why don't we talk about this more often? What if we really considered how the price of one item can stretch down the supply chain. Would it make us reconsider purchases we make? Would we be willing to spend more money on clothes to know that the people who make them are earning a sufficient wage?

To be the generation who makes a 180-degree shift is going to be challenging, but it doesn't have to be all or nothing. The next time you're thinking about buying something new, try the thrift shop or borrow from a friend instead of buying something new and cheap at the mall. You'll be doing more than yourself a favor.

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