Look, it's no secret that we all struggle often during the workweek and really look forward to relaxing on the weekend. Whether you just started a job, have multiple tests in one week, or have a major project that is due on Friday, the weekend is a quick escape to paradise and a decent of relaxation. You can sleep in, watch a movie, go out to eat, chill at home, or play some video games, whatever floats your boat.

But when this happens every single week, as is the case for a lot of people, it creates some issues. If you keep wanting it to be the weekend all the time, and hate having to start the week again on Monday, you get an unhealthy attachment to the weekend and idolize it more than you should. You start hating your normal life and your only goal is to get through Monday to Friday just to reach the weekend and do nothing, and then the cycle repeats. Your general attitude is hurt and this can even lead to some mental health issues.

So to prevent this from spiraling into more issues, start small: volunteer at a food bank or library for an hour every other week, find a small DIY project that you would like to do, or take a minute to register for a free online course that interests you. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, and makes you feel like you have accomplished something and are making good use of your time. You can even do some of these things with your friends to share the experience and enjoy it more.

Even just spending an hour or two every weekend to do something that seems productive to you can go a long way. You feel happier now that you aren't just watching TV brainlessly. And that's not to say you can't go out with your friends or watch a movie, as long as you partition some of your time to something that is meaningful to you and makes you feel better about yourself.

When you use your weekend as a tool to explore the other facets of your life and do something meaningful, you take one step to improving your life. You no longer dread the week in hopes of just sprawling out on the couch on the weekend. You look forward to getting through the week and

Just my two cents.