It's the beginning of the new year and all these girls are coming out of the wood-work. Ladies from high school, summer camp, freshman year of college and yes, even strangers are messaging me about fitness goals and a "new way" of healthy living. It's so funny, because I genuinely don't care about wanting to become more fit or healthier than I already am. But it's also sad, because there are actually people paying money to use these random workout formulas or pre-packaged snacks and meal-replacement shakes (that may I add make you poop uncontrollably).

I mean I've been there, I've used these products once or twice. I'm not discrediting the changes that can be made using these programs, I'm just saying they aren't for me and they shouldn't be for you either. I don't watch every meal I eat. I don't exercise every day. And I definitely do not have an 'accountability group'. I'm not interested in looking great in my beach body (and hello, EVERYBODY is a great beach body). I'm not interested in joining an 'awesome group of ladies' who all have a common goal of fitness.

Right now, I'm a broke just-out-of-college student. I'm interning right now and putting most everything I make into savings. I don't have 199$ for the year, 35$ a month, or 100$ for the next half year to buy shakes, workouts, coaching, meal prep kits, DVDs etc. Even if I did, I wouldn't want to spend my hard earned money on something like that.

I also love to eat. Chick-Fil-A, Freddy's, Huey Magoo's, Panera, Wendy' name it. I don't eat out more than twice a week, but when I do, it's WORTH IT. I watch what I put in my body and that should be enough. The changes using these paid programs are noticeable, but are they lasting? Personally, what's always worked the best for me is when there's been a balance between what's good and what's not, then I don't need a program, coach, or accountability group to tell me what healthy living is.

I've found out that health isn't a number, weight is. I notice that when I worry more about the numbers on the scale, I can often abandon the important notion of what a healthy and happy body is. Which can sometimes be a few pounds over what we think we should be! As long as there's some sort of cardio and weights going on, I tend to stay right where I need to be naturally.

There's something to be said about companies who launch products geared at men and women to help lose weight and keep it off. It promotes a dependency on that particular product, which is where the money is at. No matter how great of a mission statement any one weight loss or health business can have, at the end of the day it's still just a business. There has to be income coming from somewhere. It just so happens that the income coming in to these corporations are from people who depend on meal kits, shakes, workouts, and accountability groups to get them to their next 'goal' of looking slimmer, being thinner, and losing more weight.

I think Jameela Jamil said it best when she remarked, "WANT MORE THAN THIS".

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. By eating right using the foods you buy, exercising to your own drum, and offering yourself a positive body narrative---you can see the change in yourself, without paying money to companies that feed off your dependency.