Dear LSU Students, If You're Over 20, Stay Out Of Tigerland
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Ladies, If You're Over 20-Years-Old, You Should NOT Be Partying Up Tigerland Every Night

I loved Tigerland when I was a young LSU student but trust me, there's some better places for our 20-and-over girls.

Ladies, If You're Over 20-Years-Old, You Should NOT Be Partying Up Tigerland Every Night
Elizabeth Shelby

It's your freshman year of college. You graduated. You just went on your senior trip and you are finally back in Baton Rouge anxious to start school. But, like everyone always talks about... you, of course, want to go to the "famous" Tigerland.

So the summer before we begin, we party hard. T-shirt nights didn't stop us from going out every Monday. Or really when some bar was open. We danced on stages in T-shirts and really did think we looked awesome. We drank way too much. I mean let's admit it, I have never once had someone go for their first time and not like it. From new boys and new girls, your eyes are looking for who's going to be your "study buddy" but ends up being a whole lot more than just that! So soak it all up and have fun. But in your mind naive girl, you see potential and a lot of us see boys who could care less but just want a hookup and never speak to you again. Because um, how many of us LSU students found our soul mates in Reggie's. But if you did, PROPS TO YOU GIRL!!!

My friends and I were not ever "seeking out boys" we were totally just out having a girls night out. Which includes dancing on stage, having way too many people in the room, and finally my claustrophobic self-wanting to stand under a water hose getting other people's body sweat off of me, because these people take dancing and drinking seriously. Probably half the kids had someone give them a Fake I.D. or maybe asked someone to buy it for them. You see people still in high school and make a rude face because this is our new "stomping ground." That's how it was. I would never worry about what time we came home. Or ya know, except that one time (okay maybe like every single weekend) when those huge fights break out.

Leaving boys punching, boys on the ground, and oh, yeah, the emotional girls crying, but LET'S BE HONEST... She probably started the entire fight. The girls were jealous, emotional, and a sip of alcohol they would go crazy! The fights were brutal. Then we would jump in the car and head for our food of choice on any drinking night, Taco Bell (makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it).

After we'd sit and talk and laugh about a few hot boys we'd seen. Then we would still be drunk the next morning, but not hungover...more like "OK so which bar tonight?" This is the prime time, LSU students really start feeling themselves and they do what we all did, they took the bait, they loved Tigerland. I mean come on? At 18, it was so much fun. So many times when I have laughed incredibly too hard at my hilarious group of friends.

Tigerland, you are famous to all Louisiana State University students. If you've never been, that's about as uncool as making your responsible friend be the DD every time. So, whatever bar is your favorite, go! I'll explain more later on. But push yourself. Go! Reggie's, JL's, The House, Fred's. Go. I promise you will have some of the best nights ever. Throwing up on the disgusting bathroom floors. Making a new best friend in the bathroom (so guilty). Sweating like you just ran a marathon. Or the smelling like cigarettes the moment you leave. Then you would think the fun would stop when school started and I can assure you that no, they up their games and reach out to make you want to spend any day dancing on a stage with your best girlfriend.

It doesn't matter that you are in a T-shirt or totally uncoordinated. You do it. Trust me, it's fun.

The previous years before you turn 20 are so fun, but when you get to your 20-year-old self, you have to stop going out every night. You have to adult. You are maturing. So you have to act like you have your stuff together or your mom and dad might kill you. So trust me...Go get your friends, text a cute boy and let him know where you're heading tonight, then pick a much cuter outfit than a T-shirt. Please. At 20 throw all your Reggie's bar shirts away because you'll realize Tigerland boys don't want you, they want you physically. Listen hard to me, alcohol and a boy flirting with you are tough, but be tougher. A one night stand isn't worth it. So focus on... ENDLESS MEMORIES TOGETHER WITH YOUR PEEPS!!!!

Then before we know it, we are 20/21. Slowly but surely we have pretty much decided to stay free of Tigerland, but we'd much rather have a night at Bogies. Maybe you realize half the people that are at Tigerland are far too young and you start feeling like the grandmother of the bar. I'm all about girls doing what they want, but for me, I'm going to always stick as far away from Tigerland as I can.

I'm 22 and love Bogies. I love the Texas Club (occasionally). I love this really cool hole in the wall bar I stumbled on unexpectedly too. Don't get me wrong, I know people older than me still go to Tigerland frequently. Maybe my friends just love not getting in dangerous situations, we love watching games at Bogies and dancing to LSU's favorite band, Parish County Line.

We love free drinks.

We love the people.

The atmosphere.

The excitement in your heart as the bar all sings together "Calling Baton Rouge" (Yeah, our school is like one big happy family).

You'll vibe with these people. You dance awkwardly with a random guy. It's just fun. All fun. A few drinks and some cool friends are all I need to keep me happy. Am I right? You forget about T-shirt night all together once you take a chance with a new bar. Throw out those shirts and put on a cute outfit. You don't desire to look like a bum, you are actually trying to find a person who you genuinely enjoy. One who hasn't been to Reggie's since he was 18. Sign me up!!!

So the lesson here:

To the 18-year-olds, head to Tigerland, with some liquid courage, and just have an amazing time with your friends. Don't take life too seriously. You're about to start college so embrace all your nights. You have 4 years of school at LSU. Trust me, you'll be mortified that you were in a bar with a T-shirt. I'd want to meet my first love when I don't look like a bum. BUT, If you met your boo thing in the bar PROPS TO YOU! Comment and tell me your story... I'd love it. #TrueLoveInTigerland.

To our over 20-year-old group. You can still have fun. Trust me. It's hard to not take life so seriously because you're about to graduate and have to get on with your life. You probably spend so much time trying to get through those last few semesters, that you honestly need to let loose and have fun. Trust me, this about the last time it will be just YOU doing your thing.

So, go to Bogies with your friends and hang out. It's a great atmosphere. Yum drinks (even wine!), cool music, and hot guys. Again, don't take everything too seriously... these are supposed to be the greatest years of our lives. Right? Comment and let me know if you found #trueloveinbogies might exist.

If you are a girl and have found the one you love at a bar, I commend you. If not, go buy a hot new outfit and curl your hair. Head on to a bar and find you a keeper. Girls can go have some fun in both seasons of your life. I've been through them both and would not replace the memories for anything.

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