Home Is Where the Heart Is

I am about to have three homes.

How did this happen?

Let me tell you.

I've spent the past eleven years in the town of Camdenton, Missouri. All of my friends and family live here. My cat is here. My favorite hiking trails are here. My secret reading places are here. My adorable green house with the winding staircase is here. My job is here.

But soon, this won't be my house. Soon, my cat won't live here. Neither will my family, because they are moving far far away. The worst part of this scenario is that I won't be able to go home to Missouri nearly as often as I would like. The best part of this scenario, however, is that they will be closer to my third home: Union University.

It wasn't that far into my senior year of high school that I officially decided I wanted to go to Union University. Honestly, I knew that I was going after my first visit there. I was extremely nervous during orientation and move-in day that I wouldn't make friends or that being six hours away from home would be impossible, but neither of those things turned out to be true. While the distance from my home, friends, and family was hard, I started to really love it there. Now I can't imagine life after Union (I have another 3 years; I've got plenty of time, right?).

But now my family (and my cat) will be two hours away instead of six. My home will be in Senatobia, Mississippi. That's where I will go for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I won't know anyone else (but what more do I need than my mom and my cat anyway? ((Dad, too. Come on guys, take a joke.)).

So, yes, I will be far from my original home for long. And yes, my heart is split between three different places. But luckily, I can count on friends and family to save my place while I'm away and to greet me whenever I do come home.

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