Social media and technology can be great, but like everything, it's great in proper doses.

Too much social media can apply to relationships as well. When people become too focused on how their relationships appear online, they can become too obsessed and forget what is important.

Any relationship can suffer this, but romantic ones probably suffer the most.

I think everyone at some point has been guilty of scrolling through a potential partner, recent ex, or just the girl who lives down the hall. Everything is fun and games until you see something you don't want to see or take a post the wrong way.

Sometimes you read too much into posts just looking for something wrong.

Looking at social media posts can be helpful to get to the know a person, but it can also bring up negative thoughts.

Am I as pretty as this person? I wonder how well they know each other? Who is this person in the photo? Did they date? Why did he like her photo?

This questions can go on and on forever until you make yourself crazy. When you first start talking to a person, you probably have the urge to check to see when they were active on social media last. Depending on what you find, you might be upset that they haven't texted you back.

It's not fair to put yourself through this nor is it fair to the other person. When you find yourself going to stalk someone's social media accounts, just remember to not read too much into the posts.