Stop Judging Sorority Girls If You Look Like A Troll
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Stop Judging Sorority Girls If You Look Like A Troll

Since when do trolls determine the worth of queens?

Stop Judging Sorority Girls If You Look Like A Troll

With fall recruitment sneaking up on us, sororities across the nation are preparing to compete for the best pledge classes. Everyone wants to be the best sorority, but why?

Pride, competitiveness, opportunity, respect, but if impressing fraternities is one of those reasons, you need to reevaluate why you care about what guys think. Of course, no one is going to outright admit they actually care about what guys think of them.

But, let’s all be real here, it never feels good when anyone scoffs at your sorority, and it stings just a little more when a guy does it.

Every sorority wants pretty girls. Everyone wants to be known as the pretty ones. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be physically attractive. I want hot girls in my sorority, but I also want funny girls, smart girls, loyal girls, friendly girls, ambitious girls, and kind girls.

Guys don’t care about any of that right now. They aren’t here for the MR degree. They’re here to crack open a cold one with the boys on a Saturday. They’re chasin’ tail and putting notches in their bedposts. A good 76% of these dudes have grotesque beer bellies, smell bad, and do stupid shit like crush unopened beer cans over their noggins and post it online.

They don’t care, and that’s exactly why we’re so attracted to them: they do not care.

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But if you think for one hot second I care what Chad, a 5’8, size 38, flabby, stinky, broke ass guy with Bama bangs and brain damage thinks of me and my sorority, you are sadly mistaken. I couldn’t care less what flabby frat boys-or worse, wannabe frat boys think- of me or my sorority.

You didn’t join a sorority for guys’ approval and you’re not spending a small fortune on an MRS degree. You’re a bad betch who loves herself and doesn’t care what guys think about her. You shouldn’t rush other girls based on what guys are going to think of them.

I’ve 58972907 problems, but Christopher from Alpha StupidAss Psi thinks of me and my sisters ain't one. I’ve got bigger problems to deal with, and Christopher has bigger problems than my sorority-like his waistline.

I know I’ve made a lot of fat jokes about frat guys. But they aren’t fat because of some underlying condition, most of them are flabby because they drink too much and are too lazy to work out. They’re content in their own chubbiness, but they’ll trash chubby women for being equally chubby or even less.

So now, I’ve got these chubby lil boys crackin’ jokes about these chubby girls who are self-conscious and trying to be healthy, while simultaneously expecting to pull skinny girls.

I think they’ve cracked a few too many beer bottles over their damn skulls if they think this is how it works.

No homeboy, if you ain’t the least bit fit, you have absolutely no feckin’ room to judge 400 member sororities based on their size and make fun of their fat sisters. That “fat bitch” has a 4.5 GPA majoring in biochemical engineering and interning with a company that’s on it’s way to growing functioning human organs in Petri dishes. Kiss my ass, kiss her ass, and pull your head out of your own ass.

The worst part is, we settle for it. Really hot girls are dating these ugly guys with personalities comparable to cardboard. They really don’t have anything going for them except for the letters they wear.

Ya mans is doing blow like it’s 1985, drinkin’ Natty Light like it’s water, smokes cigs, has a beer belly, dresses like a dad, and thinks he’s going to be the next Jordan Belfort. In any other environment, you wouldn’t give a guy like that the time of day. Don’t base your worth or your sorority's’ worth based on a dude like that.

Now, I’m aware that not all fraternity guys are like that. My dad and my boyfriend are both brothers of a fraternity. My best friend is a part of one. I’ve met sub par guys who aren’t in fraternities. I love my friends in fraternities; they’re great. The thing is, my friends in fraternities aren’t the pots calling the kettle black. They aren’t mean. GDI guys do it too. It’s really any guy that can hide behind money or status. Don’t be that guy.

Don’t settle for some mediocre dude just because of the fraternity he’s in. This is America. This is 2017. Women don’t have to marry-or date in this case- some mediocre dude for status.

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