Coming from someone whose parents have split up, gotten back together, and split up again, I'm calling out everyone who blames all the bad things that have ever happened to them on the divorce.

Trouble at home doesn't give mean you can be a jerk.

Nothing annoys me more than hearing a "sob story" about a kid who's heading down the wrong path, not only messing with his or her opportunities in the future but being rude and disrespectful in the process, then getting a free pass because of "the divorce."

Your parents' marital problems are not a valid excuse to wreak havoc on everything you touch, "for attention."

Once you're older than 14, I don't think there should be excuses for a lot of things, because you know right from wrong. If you're consciously choosing wrong every time then there's only so much other people can do for you.

God bless those guidance counselors and principals for entertaining the thought that this is anything more than purposefully looking for trouble because they know they're get away with it, they have more patience than me.

That's exactly why I won't be going into that field because I couldn't handle the over dramatization of so many of those case, not all, but many.

I've been through those tough times, I have so many friends that have been there as well, and we all agree that even in the thick it when it really did suck, we couldn't ever imagine doing something so out of character.

Acting out doesn't make anything better, it only causes more problems.

So, if you're the type of person who is so attention deprived that even negative is better than nothing, it's time to reflect on yourself and figure out what problems you can fix or avoid, instead of making them worst.

Sooner or later you're going to grow up, whether you want to or not, and your parents' divorce isn't going to mean much to anyone but you.