I saw them today.

On the road.

A ghost drove past in a ghost car from a ghost life that was once my world.

As they drove past, I was hit by a freight train carrying memories, feelings, and time. So much time was dragging along behind this enormous mess, waiting to be let go and sadly came all this way.

When these things were delivered, they made me feel every single emotion I had ever felt since meeting that ghost all that time ago.

The culmination of these feelings made me happy to have had them, sad to have lost them, happy to be done with them, and sad to look back on them.

The last time I actively thought of this ghost was forever ago, but, who am I kidding, I somehow accidentally think of it every single day. Once I do, I tell myself to let go. But screw that. I will ponder everything that ever happened till the day I die.

Do you ever see a person you wish you could talk to but can't? It's not that you dislike them, but you know it would be best if you didn't.

Maybe you hurt them, lost them, broke their trust, stabbed their back, let them go.

Maybe they did the same.

Maybe you broke them from the inside out.

Maybe they're to blame.

What if things were different, and you still knew them?

All their new memories.

They might have buried you ethically and spiritually,

But you cannot rest in peace.

You will fight till you feel right about your past, present, and future.

Winning the war leads to "furthermore".

Leads to opened doors.

Leads to rocked cores.

Leads to that time before.

And you both forget. You both get what you want. You both win.

But that has nothing to do with that stupid train.

Still running.