Why Daenerys Targaryen Is Still My Khaleesi

Why Daenerys Targaryen Is Still My Khaleesi

Queen of Andals and our Hearts....


It is safe to say that, in the end, our beloved Dany may not have ended up being our favorite. You can see the moment in episode 5 where she finally snaps and burns down all of Kings Landing and the Red Keep.

We can say that seeing the last place that her father was alive struck a cord, but this IS the woman who wanted peace. For some, that was the breakaway point when our fealty was gone but for me, it started when the new season did.

The abrupt change in character was shocking and something that led me begging for her death so I would not have to see her become the villain.

Now, with that aside, lets be real with ourselves. Daenerys Targaryen will forever be our Khaleesi.

Daenerys grew up in the shadow of her abusive brother, sold off to a Dothraki warlord, raped, and endured countless hardships and came out on the other side a total badass. She always showed a level of strength and dignity that was amazing to watch and made her such a role model for all of us watching.

She taught us that our circumstances do not define where we will end up and that we can overcome all things if we believe in ourselves.

"Do you know what got me through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself, Daenerys Targaryen."

Going back to her brother and family life, the things that she endured through her family alone is something that could break anyone. Her brother treated her like legitimate garbage and sold her off for his own gain.

Viserys basically abused her mentally and verbally for probably her whole life and it became worse as she got older. He was power hungry and didn't care that it took a toll on his sister.

Though we come to love Khal Drogo, he started out as public enemy number one as he continuously raped Dany. She showed us how strong she was mentally by escaping her brother, then basically not only taking the name of Khaleesi but also living up to the duties of it. She grew to love the Khal truly, learned to speak

Dothraki and learned how to lead. Daenerys quickly grew to be able to command her people and lead them long after the death of Khal Drogo.

Dany was a boss when she stood up to countless men who treated her like a useless woman. Like her power resided in her (long af) title and not in herself. It doesn't take just anyone to raise the last three dragons in all the world. It takes a woman who can be strong and loving all at once. Look back at everything that she has done and all of it ties into how strong she is.

All of her struggle and all of her confrontations helped us build up that strong and powerful boss woman that we came to know and love as our Daenerys.

One of the most Khaleesi worthy things to happen and something that will stick with me for a long time (and made me bawl) was during the third episode in season eight. It never truly hit me that the Dothraki were really in Westeros until they were sent off into battle.

It stuck out as such a profound thing to me because the Dothraki are terrified of the ocean and water; that is why they have conquered only Essos. These men, terrified of the ocean, had such love, trust, and commitment to their queen that they pushed aside their fear and helped her fight for what she wanted. They could have easily said no, they might have been burnt to a crisp, but they could have said no. They didn't.

Dany was a great Khaleesi and we all know it. She was brave and strong, soft and loving. She was everything that we needed in a leader for the Seven Kingdoms when the show started that we all put our faith in her.

The ending might not be what we really wanted for her or for Westeros, but we cannot deny the fact that she was a boss ass bitch and that is the truth,

I will be wearing my 'Mother of Dragons' gear because of what she stood for. Our endings do not always have to define us and her actions leading up to the end make me proud to wear her sigil. I love Dany for who she was and we cannot let the ending obscure what she once was to us. A great and powerful Khaleesi.

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