The New Abortion Laws Are Seriously Making Me Question The Term 'Land Of The Free'
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The New Abortion Laws Are Seriously Making Me Question The Term 'Land Of The Free'

As a woman, I am terrified that I feel as if I no longer have control over my own body, legally.

The New Abortion Laws Are Seriously Making Me Question The Term 'Land Of The Free'

As many of you have probably seen or heard, Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio have created, passed, and implemented some pretty serious abortion laws. To give an accurate representation of what we're dealing with here, this is the exact text of the opening to the Alabama abortion bill:

"This bill would make abortion and attempted abortion felony offenses except in cases where abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child's mother."

For those of you that don't know the logistics, this bill is basically stating that women could go to jail for having an unnecessary abortion (i.e. due to health risks with the mother). This ban on abortion is also to start beginning at week six of a woman's pregnancy. Week six is often times right around the time when a woman is just finding out about her pregnancy and essentially means a period that is two weeks late.

Now that the facts are laid on the table, I wanted to give my opinion as a young woman on these new bills and on the topic itself. To start, this is not a red vs. blue debate. The argument with abortion is for women or against women debate. Truly, I understand and sympathize with those of you that are against abortion for religious reasons, personal reasons, or whatever else. However, there is a serious difference between being against something for yourself and forcing others to adjust and share your beliefs. Everyone has the human right to their own body, so quite honestly, I believe it's absurd to regulate women's bodies.

Some women utilize abortion because they are not financially stable enough to provide for a child, some women utilize abortion because they had a one-night-stand gone awry, some women utilize abortion because they were taken advantage of, and some women utilize abortion because they simply do not want to be a mother yet. Whatever the reason, regardless of the circumstance, a woman should have the right to decide what she wants to do with her own pregnancy.

Dealing with these laws being created now, they are taking action starting on six-week fetuses. Six-week fetuses are smaller than the size of a pinky fingernail, so if you were concerned about killing an already developed fetus, don't fret. Even us pro-choicers (most of us anyway) understand that it isn't always the most ethical to end a pregnancy after you've carried it on for a substantial amount of time, however, it still isn't anyone's business what you do with your own pregnancy and everyone deserves a choice.

Some of these states are even including birth control as a part of the law which aggravates many girls and women because of all the great uses of birth control aside from pregnancy prevention. Even though birth control can be used to regulate periods, help chronic acne and cramps, and so much more, birth control is also primarily used by people to prevent pregnancy so that they do not have to have an abortion (that's basically no longer legal) down the line. To learn a little more about birth control, you can watch this Twitter video of my favorite actress, Sophia Bush, where she tells it like it is about the problems surrounding regulation of women's bodies in America.

The worst part of these laws and regulations is that the majority of the people who voted to pass them are men. Yes, men are not completely shut out to the world of women. Yes, men have sisters and wives and have probably experienced a "woman issue" at some point in their life. However, until you've lived it, your opinion isn't as educated. Therefore, I support the statement "No Uterus, No Opinion" because until you've had a period cramp that is comparable to being stabbed, given birth through many long hours of labor, or you have a vagina- you would never be able to understand what we women go through daily.

On the flip side of these anti-women laws, states are starting to make opposing laws. Colorado, for example, is promoting itself as a pro-choice state and the women are loving it. A billboard in Colorado reads: "Welcome to Colorado, where you can get a safe, legal abortion." and was put up by an organization called "Keep Abortion Safe." This change is a breath of fresh air for us women who are sad, angry, and quite honestly puzzled at all of the new anti-abortion laws in other states and as to how the government thinks they have the right to regulate our bodies.

I am terrified of what these laws are threatening women with and I sincerely hope my home state does not jump on the anti-abortion bandwagon. I actually really hope my state stands with Colorado and deems itself pro-choice, seeing that America is supposed to be the "land of the free."

I leave you with this: just because you are anti-abortion doesn't mean everyone has to be anti-abortion. You can be against abortion for yourself and pro-choice for everyone else because at the end of the day if you are against abortion- don't have one.

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