Millennials are always given such a stereotype. You hear people say things like, "all millennials care about is their phone and social media" or things like "they don't know how to save their money and blow it on things they don't actually need," or my favorite, "all millennials are obsessed with avocado toast." Just because I'm a millennial, doesn't mean I fit all of these stereotypes. And even if I do, why does it matter? Or do you even know why I like these things?

Something I noticed was when I went out to dinner with my boyfriend the other day whenever I would pull out my phone to take a snapchat of my food or a picture of my boyfriend, this woman at another table near us would give me a glare. My guess is that she was thinking, "oh this millennial can't put down her phone for just one minute to spend quality time with her boyfriend." Well, the jokes on you because my boyfriend and I actually had a really good dinner with really good conversation. But just because I pulled out my phone for a minute to capture this good moment there is this assumption that I don't care about my boyfriend or am nothaving genuine conversation?

Something that this woman doesn't know about me is one my relationship with my boyfriend and two my passion for social media and photography. Yes, I like to post on social media and take photos for the sake of showing my friends and family where I'm at and what I'm doing, but social media and photography are a part of my job. I am a communications minor, I am the social media chair for two organizations I am in, and I am a writer for Odyssey. Social media is very important to me and not because I'm a millennial who is "just so obsessed and only cares about how many followers and likes I get."

Something that our older generation needs to realize is the importance of technology. It continues to grow every day and it's one of the leading job industries. These people need to stop stereotyping younger people to be these no good, lazy individuals. Most of millennials reasonings for the things that they do that is considered "so millennial" are valid reasons and are just a part of our society. We are the people of the future. The older generation is filled with wonderful pieces of advice from their time. Give us that advice and let us build on it with the foundations of what the society is today.