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19 Signs You Are Totally Going To Be A Stereotypical Suburban Mom

By the queen of the suburban mom starter pack

19 Signs You Are Totally Going To Be A Stereotypical Suburban Mom

Everyone knows that the suburban moms are "mom goals," and surely most girls aspire to be them someday. While everyone dreams of someday achieving "suburban mom status," some of us are just already a little closer than others. If you say "same" to most of the following, you're certainly on your way to suburban mom success.

1. You were a nanny as a teen.


It takes a special kind of person to spend hours a day around children, especially those who are not your own.

2. You shopped around in the baby section to look at cute clothes before having kids of your own.


While most teenage girls spend out their days searching for the perfect outfit for themselves, some of us would rather dream about the adorable outfits our future kids will wear.

3. You are comfortable driving a mini-van.


Driving a boat for a car is simply something most of us would rather not do, unless of course, you're determined to take on the role of classic suburban mom.

4. You already have TONS of Lululemon.


What else are you going to wear grocery shopping? You wouldn't be caught dead in something as low as off-brand leggings.

5. You love to cook and bake.


Something has to get you ready for nightly home-cooked meals and freshly baked cookies for after-school playdates.

6. You basically already have an obsession with organic foods.


You may not know what "GMO" is, but you do know that "non" is the way to go.

7. You plan to stay at home through their childhood (obviously).


No matter what your career aspirations are, they will surely be put on hold until your children are in elementary school, at the least!

8. You and your friends have already planned play groups for your future kids.


Because spending those stay-at-home days all alone as simply not an option, and your children will clearly be their children's best friends as well.

9. You've had your children's names picked out since forever.


The list created on the notes section of your iPhone are the only options, your husband has no choice in the matter. Middle names could be up for discussion, if he's lucky.

10. You love the gym, and already have a membership.


After all, you need somewhere to wear all of those lulu clothes.

11. You know all the cool kids places in town.


Maybe from your nanny kids, maybe from your own curiosity. Parks, museums, and exhibits have created a never-ending list that your children just must experience.

12. You have a Pinterest account, and avidly post about your future.


Future Wedding, Future Dream House, and Future Kids boards are among your most frequently pinned to.

13. You are perfectly content just watching kids play and be themselves.


Your house is sure to be the place everyone wants to be at, because your favorite pass time is watching your kiddos play with their countless new toys, that simply pile up in glory.

14. You live your life by a planner, which is kept with you at all times.


Brand-name and color-coded, every sports practice, PTA meeting, and play date are penciled in at least 2 weeks in advance.

15. You love volunteering your time.


From PTA to being on the board of the kids' sports teams, you're the guarantee go-to person to get everything done.

16. You're obsessed with yoga.


It's the best way to greet each day and guarantee that you'll be at your best.

17. You already have plans for the sports your kids will play.


Dance from 5-6, followed by gymnastics every Tuesday/ Thursday and soccer on the weekends. Hopefully they're ready, because surely they'll be the best on every team.

18. You have a blog, and will totally continue it for your family.


How else will all your distant relatives know of the A your first grader got on her spelling test and the tooth that the kindergartener lost last week? It is crucial that they all stay up-to-date on your kids' vital accomplishments.

19. You're coffee obsessed.


You start out each day with your favorite barista who knows your go-to drink, and the coffee shop around the corner is the most common place to meet up with all your other stay-at-home suburban mom gal-pals in the area.

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