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Ladies, are you ready for that summer body? For many of us, quarantine has given us either a few extra pounds or some control over our health habits. Every girl needs a friend in their corner coaching them on how to live their best life and the only way to live your best life is to live a healthy life. Can you imagine going to eat out with the girls and you are no longer the only one ordering a steak, a side dish, a salad, and eating the dinner rolls?

If you are imagining that, have you tried preparing for your meal prep routine? It's not as crazy as it sounds but if you get annoyed when trying to decide on adding meal prep in the daily mix then a little extra planning may help out.
Ask yourself, "what can I eat repeatedly, at least for 3 days at a time?", this will help you with a few other decisions before running to, The Container Store.

There's no room for ambivalence, transitioning into a healthier lifestyle requires undivided determination. Meal prep can easily become a part of your day to day life and it is just the opposite of being time-consuming. You'll be thankful for the transition when you discover your new balanced eating habits. It can usually go two ways for most, it can be the ultimate savior for a busy family on the go or the ultimate defeat for someone who's just starting with no guidance, an easy fix.

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Eliminate the idea of a stressful transition and plan. My good friend and I are here to help. She's here to help and I'm just sharing.

I've been on a healthy eating journey for about a year now, it first started when I completely stopped eating red meat. I started there because it was my biggest food addiction, I was turning into a steak. Recognize what might be your food addiction and how you can end it.

Trickled down on how much you consume when you eat and the benefits of doing so. It's easy until you realize there is a slight anxiety build up when it is time to go to the grocery store, almost as if you've never shopped before.

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A discussion on twitter turned into a full tutorial on how to meal tackle meal prep. When my friend tweeted about starting to meal prep again, I expressed the stress I had with my attempts. Next, she texted me and said some of the best things I've ever heard and she had an entire list of steps.

Meal Prep Plan

1. Decide what you're prepping for. Do you want to gain weight or lose?

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Knowing what your goal is you help yourself in preparing your weekly meals. Meal prep reduces the amount of consumption that helps lead balanced nutrition and also knowing which you desire, losing, or gaining weight, it will be the best way to decide what to purchase.

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2. Research meals based on that decision.

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Pinterest is your friend. Do not judge but I just made maybe my fourth Pinterest account, this time I'm keeping it and downloading the app. My younger sister is a Pinterest fanatic and I would usually use her expertise but since beginning meal prep, I can see the need. Pinterest supplies the most creative and helpful ideas known to any wanderer.

3. Make a grocery list and stick to it!! (most important).

Stick to it

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Coming from a family of cooks, you are sent to the store with a list of items to bring back for dinner. There is a protocol when sent shopping, be sure you get everything on the list, call home if you can't find it, or hop around different grocery stores. With a family from NYC it was normal to shop throughout the city, from the fish market to the local Hispanic grocery store all in one trip. Sticking to the list keeps you from buying unnecessary items and saves money, this should be applied with all shopping if you ask me, we all can use extra savings!

4. Plan to prep 3 days at a time. We don't waste food!

Don't waste, save!

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I said it once, but I'll say it again, SAVINGS! It is key not to overbear yourself with food when attempting meal prep because two things can happen. Depending on what you are prepping, for instance vegetables, you don't want to prep for too many days ahead because fresh produce is best used within five days or less. Wasting veggies or any food result in wasting your money and time spent shopping. Save money by not wasting food and you can buy a new outfit to fit that slimmed down body.

5. Mentally prepare yourself to only eat what you have prepared. HIDE YOUR DEBIT CARD! DON'T STOP FOR FAST FOOD!

Fight the temptation

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We all can afford to use mind tricks on ourselves when setting goals, we are all human battling temptations every day. To overcome these battles try leaving your debit card at home or not carrying cash when making a short run out. You'll be grateful when you pass by any of those fast-food restaurants with hot fries.

6. Meditate/pray every morning because you're going to need it if you love food like us Bama girls and it will help to stay focused.

Two cheerful curly haired women hold fingers crossed for good luck, dressed in white outfit, smile happily, anticipate exam results, stand against pink background. Sisters stand in praying pose

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You need to do this if anything, use it as a constant reminder of your set goals. Change is tough and it takes determination to accomplish your goals, however, there is power in prayer. For any time where a struggle can be found, there is room for defeat. Let's be honest here, our eating habits are the biggest struggle in this country. If not eating, there are plenty of other things that require prayer to find success.

After receiving this list of how to conquer meal prep, I think we're ready to buy all the Tupperware and get on the right track. This is your first checklist followed by your grocery list, the two things that will kick things off, good luck!

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